Is This a Complete Workout?

Hey guys. I am relatively new to working out seriously, as I have only been doing it for about a month.

Anyway, I am going to tell you what I do and Im wondering if I am doing it properly/getting a good, full workout.

3 sets/10 reps each Bench Press
3 sets/12 reps arm curls with free weights
3 sets/10 reps on a tricept machine
3 sets/10 reps on a machine that i push 2 handles above my head and it says it works out my chest and triceps

I do this every other day, and along with it I ran abot a mile to a mile 1/2.

Also, I do around 70 sit-ups every day and 3 times a week I go to Physcial Therapy for a back problem where I workout my lower back, upper back, and legs.

Do push-ups instead of the Bench press and add a rowing exercise. Reverse rows (pulling yourself toward a bar) are excellent. Make sure you do the same amount of total reps for both exercises. Dich the curls and triceps extensions. Focus on the above two compound exercises. Vary hand and grip positions. Monitor your progression. Good luck!

No bother if your looking for a full body workout you need to base it on basic big moves. then gob forr the fluff like the arm curls etc.

Im not saying dont isolate, im saying you need to be effective with compounds and build a base first. For instance piock a big row and you will hit the bi’s, upper, back, and shoulders as prime movers. BIG payback!!!

For a solid base if you want full body pick one press, one row, and one leg move. Then after those pick a dew isolations


agreed with phil you would get a much better full body workout sticking with compound exercises bench, squat, deadlift and maybe bent-over rows when you don’t deadlift. scrap the bicep/tricep assistance work if you go heavy on the compound exercises the assistance work is not really necessary.

If you want a “complete” workout every other day, try this plan:

Also, THIS link is a thread in which you can find a link to an Excel spreadsheet that lays out sample plans for most of Chad Waterbury’s programs. Total Body Training is in it.