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Is this a Clean Meal or a Cheat Meal?

No syrup, no ketchup, coffee is black (no sugar or milk), and I used 1/5 of the butter shown

  • This is a Clean Meal
  • This is a Cheat Meal

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What is clean? Can a cheat meal be clean? What would make it not clean?

Is it in line with your nutritional/physique/performance goals?

Most importantly, are those free range pancakes?

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I don’t think any of that stuff is poison, but there are no veggies or “fiber.” Also, that’s not much protein.

If you ate that for breakfast, you’d have to make up for the short comings in your other meals. Which makes that just a mediocre meal.


150% of your Upper Limit for daily sodium.

One sixth of your daily fiber

Maybe 25% or your protein, if you weight 185.

0% vitamins

You other meals will have to make up the difference.

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I’ve been think about syrup for 24 straight hours.

Its like the time I got drunk and felt up some girl at a party. I didn’t cheat, but dreaming about those Double D’s made my think about it a lot more.

hmmm I’m pretty sure most girls would consider feeling up another girl as a form of cheating…

@therajraj I would simply call that meal “breakfast”

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I was trying to start an old school T-nation clean bulking vs dirty bulking discussion.

But a clean sweep on the vote 8-0 and only one comment to suggest it’s not a “dirty” food!

If you ate all of the butter and only 1/5 of the pancakes, I woulda reversed the decision.

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If you’re gonna cheat, cheat. Replace bacon and sausage with lean ham, some salsa on hash browns, and strawberry preserves on cakes. You’re morning meal should have most carbs and fat. The raj are you Indian you shouldn’t ear meat right.

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