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Is This 6 Day Workout Too Much?


I’ve started doing a new program after a lot of working out on 5x5 programs and others related to powerlifting.
I have increased my bench, military press and squats pretty significantly, but at the same time i wasn’t getting the body or at least the size that i wanted, don’t get me wrong i did became a lot bigger but the way i got bigger wasn’t the way i wanted to so i decided to do this new program for 3months to see what kind of results will i get.
I am 100% natural and after some quick research (correct me if i’m wrong), the natural lifter should try to work their bodyparts 2x a week for better muscle growth. So after checking out some programs i came up with my own:
Monday- Back, Shoulders
Tuesday-Legs, Arms
Wensday-Chest, Back
Thursday-Shoulders, Arms
Friday-Legs and some lifts that i really like (example: power clean or hang clean)

Saturday- Chest and core training, I do only a few exercises like decline dumbbell press and incline dumbbell press with maybe dumbbell flyes or pullover, and then i do streching and core building
exercises like planks and hypers

Sunday - Rest

I’m not an active guy and most of the time i spent all day is riding my bicycle and sitting in front of desk so i am able to do this kind of program, most of the time i do 4exercises for muscles like legs back and chest, but i do 2-3exercises for shoulders and arms (example: Monday i do 4-5exercises for back and 3exercises for shoulders- side raises and then i do shrug with bent over raises superset)

First week was pretty hard i did get sore muscles, but i kept going because i knew that i wasn’t used to this kind of workout program after all of 5x5. Now im in the 3rd week and i love the program, i learned how to mind muscle connection and i get the nicest burn on the muscle i can get and i don’t get the sore muscles anymore because i try to focus and do the exercises in the best form i can do with a reasonable weight. But i’m not really sure if i’m overtraining. I know that a lot of people gonna say do what’s best for you and experiment with your body ect.
But what do you think about this program that i’m doing, do my muscles get enough rest and would you change something if you were to do this program.

Positive answers much appreciated! Thank you!

What do you bench and deadlift?

People had a lot of success with splits in this thread, especially the 4 ways…

I love training 6 days a week. However, I’m progressing better cutting back to 4 days a week. Which matters more to you; your training progression, or the training itself?

Hello, thank you for the answer and this interesting split, will definitely check it out!

Regarding the bench and deadlift, last time i remember i was able to do these 1RM for bench, deadlift and squats:
Deadlift 1Rep max: 418pounds and 396pounds for 3-5reps with an alright form, if i were to do it with a perfect form that would be probably 374pounds for 5-8reps
Bench press is one of my weakest lifts sadly as with the military press, my bench 1rep max is 220pounds and with a solid form 198pounds for 5reps (never really like doing 8-10reps)
My squats were the strongest lift: Squat 1rep max 462pounds and for 5-6reps with good form 440-429pounds
Military press is basically the same as with the bench press as i mentioned before its my weak lifts which is a big shame because my main weak point regarding the size of the body are shoulders which a pretty narrow: Military press 1rep max 176pound and 154pounds for 5reps with good form.

Hello, thank you for the answer

Definitely training progression is better for me, i’m aiming now not for the most weights i can lift but i’m going for the best weight i can lift with excellent form for 8-10reps, but at the same time i am worried about the overtraining part so the training itself does matter to me also, the most part i’m worried about in my program is the wensday and thursday, because a lot of people at other forums related to bodybuilding are saying that that shoulders aren’t the best idea to train after the chest day, so i’m worried what’s going on with my shoulders, because the main reason i’m trying this program as i said earlier to get the size that i wanted and the most im focused now are shoulders and i definitely don’t want to lag their growth.