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Is this 3iu of HGH? Or am I Overdosing? Please Help

Title says it all !


Is this 3iu? Or 30iu?

Really hoping its 3iu as I’ve pinned it two days in a row…

First time using gh and just want to be sure.

Any input greatly appreciated! Cheers

I mean, there’s no real way anyone could tell you that with the information presented. Is that image .3ml of a liquid? Yep, sure is. But an iu of GH is a function of both volume and concentration within said volume. If your GH came in 10iu vials and you put 1ml of water into it then yes, that’s 3iu of GH. If you put in 2ml then it’s 1.5iu. So how much water did you mix in with the powder?


Thanks for the reply iron yuppie!!

Yes the ratio is 1ml water per bottle of gh… its just the whole iu thing that’s throwing me off…

Also I have 2 different types of insulin needles

The one on the right is the one I’ve been using that is shown above in the post, its a 1ml needle that I’ve been filling to 0.3ml,

The one on the left is a 0.5ml needle but also has iu markings on the other side, if i go by the iu marking on this it indicates that I’ve been taking 30iu the past couple days… this is what has thrown me off and now got me worried im massively overdosing. Thanks again for the help, appreciated!

Quick google search shows 10iu per bottle for that same box. So it’s a 100iu kit which is really standard.

If you’re reconstituting it with 1mL of water, then 0.3iu would be 0.3mL.

For they syringe on the left you would draw to 30. The syringe on the right you would draw to 0.3. Both will give you 3iu.

Don’t forget to refrigerate it at tall times.

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Based on what you said that’s 3iu.