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Is This 1RM Warm-Up OK?

How folks,

First post, so hope I’m in the right place.

I’m testing 1rm next week. Is this a good warm-up? Where I’ve put a question mark is if I’m feeling good on the previous 1rm, I’ll go again).

Day 1:

Previous best: 75kg x 2 (last week)

  1. 20kg x 8
  2. 40kg x 5
  3. 50kg x 3
  4. 60kg x 2
  5. 70kg x 2
  6. 75kg x 1
  7. 80kg x 1
  8. 82.5kg x 1??


Previous best: 150kgx2 (last week - form got ugly)

  1. 30kg x 8
  2. 60kg x 5
  3. 80kg x 3
  4. 100kg x 2
  5. 120kg x 2
  6. 140kg x 1
  7. 150kg x 1
  8. 155kg x 1?? (Questioning as I’ve not done 150 with nice form, despite doing it x2)

Day 2:


Previous best: 5x5 at 100kg. 3x2 at 102.5kg (last week)

  1. 20kg x 10
  2. 40kg x 8
  3. 60kg x 5
  4. 75kg x 4
  5. 85kg x 3
  6. 95kg x 2
  7. 105kg x 1
  8. 110kg x 1
  9. 115kg x 1 ??

This is being done across 2 power lifting class on consecutive days. Probably 2-3 mins rest between sets.

ill start each class with dynamic movement and some soft stretching, maybe a little row if I need it to get in the zone.

Am I on the right path?


I generally try to get to my work set within 7-9 sets so probably ok, just don’t move away from how you normally warm up.

While you will likely get a small increase over next week since you’re moving to singles from doubles, don’t shoot for 5kb jumps unless you know you can do it. I’d probably start at 2.5kg jumps after hitting what you hit last week for a solid single, unless it’s just stupid easy.

Warm up how you would normally warm up for your work sets. Different people warm up in different ways, personally all those warm up sets would drive me mental at that kind of weight, but whatever works for you.

Why do you feel the need to test you 1rm anyway? Outside of a meet it’s not necessary and there is nothing to be gained from it, you could just go for rep PRs or work up to a heavy single, but it doesn’t need to be all out. You would be better off increasing your 5x5 weight and stuff along those lines.

However, if you are testing maxes then I don’t see why you would deadlift on the first day and squat on the 2nd.

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Perfect, thanks guys!

Fair question.

It’s a class that I attend and they set the rep ranges for that particular class. About once a quarter they test 1RM.

Unfortunately I’ve recently hit 1rm, basically because I failed on heavy singles.

Of course, no one forcing me to do a 1rm. Nothing stopping me from instead doing heavy doubles on everything and waiting another quarter before testing again…Think that’s best?

I would sorta like to officially know what my 1rm is though…

For most people a 3 rep max equals roughly 90%. If I was you and not about to actually compete I wouldn’t go much beyond that, maybe a few pounds over a 3rm for a single. Grinding out max effort singles takes a lot out of you, mentally and physically, and doesn’t seem to have any advantage over something just a bit lighter.

But if this is part of the program in this class you are taking then I won’t try to stop you, it just seems a bit odd that they wouldn’t tell you how to warm up

A 1rm is kind of a theoretical number that would be an all out effort under near perfect conditions. A PR single is just heavier than you have lifted before but it doesn’t need to be a near-death experience. In a meet if you go all out on squats it can drain your energy for the rest of the meet, and even if you don’t you probably won’t be feeling 100% by the time your 3rd deadlift comes along. Just focus on getting better and setting small PRs, the guys who are always maxing out usually don’t get far and often end up injured.

Warm up looks good to me.

Sorry to be anal, but are you saying the small gains should specifically be on doubles (or more reps) rather than on singles?

In other words, is your point about RMs Vs PBs, singles V doubles or both?

As it stands, I’m planning on doing PBs on a weight that allows either 1 or 2 reps. I’ll do the 1 and if I have it in me I’ll do the second.

My point is that you don’t need to do max singles at any time outside of a meet, and for novice lifters it’s better to avoid singles 99% of the time anyway. Go for rep PRs.

OK, sure, but your thread title says 1rm.

If you have a coach then just do what they are telling you, and if you don’t trust their judgment then find a new coach or pick a program that has produced decent results in people like yourself.

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First off, your jumps are way too small. You’re basically doing volume training before pushing that 1RM.

I personally train in lbs so I’ll give you examples of my recent warmups:

Squat - working set 315x6
Bar x 3
135 x 3
185 x 2
225 x 2
275 x 1
Working Set. If i was doing anything less than 365, I’d just jump right into the working set.

Bench - Working Set 225x8
Bar x 3
135 x 3
185 x 2
Working Set - If I were doing anything less than 275, I’d just jump right into the working set.

Deadlift - Working set 365x5
135 x 3
185 x 3
225 x 2
275 x 2
315 x 1
Working Set
And I wouldnt do another warmup set until I were to exceed 405

You just maxed out last week anyway, so why bother? Just get your 5RM up - if you wanna do a weekly 5RM do Texas Method

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Not even necessarily responding to the original poster but asking a more general warm up question to the group. I normally tailor my warm up to how I feel that day (ie sometimes it takes longer for my knees or shoulder to feel loose and quick). So somedays I may spend 4 minutes warming up and other days I may spend 20 minutes.

Should I strive to warm up the same everyday even if I already feel quick and loose?

I usually do the same standard warmup everyday, but maybe throw in extra stuff I don’t feel so loose.

Like I usually go right into it, and add deadbugs between sets. But with my recent shoulder pain, I’ll do shoulderok before bench, and with recent hip pain, I’ll do 90/90 drills before squats and deadlifts. It’s been working so far.

At the Kabuki workshop I attended, they said to do the warmup drills after the first one or two warmup sets, that way you can troubleshoot from there.