Is There Treason Anymore?

Professor from Kent State runs a Jihad training website. Got this from Drudge Report.

All I have to say about this article is that Kent State’s Trustees are getting a letter. This is simply unexceptable.

If anyone else wants to here is there info:

Kent State University Board of Trustees

Below is a list of officers and members of the Board of Trustees for 2006-2007:
Andrew J. Banks, Bratenahl
James M. Biggar, Secretary, Pepper Pike
R. Douglas Cowan, Stow
Emilio D. Ferrara, DDS, Kent
Sandra W. Harbrecht, Chair, New Albany
Aimee L. Huter, Student Trustee, Berlin Center
Erin E. Kleman, Student Trustee, Canton
Patrick S. Mullin, Vice Chair, Cleveland
Jane Murphy Timken, Canton
Brian D. Tucker, Medina
Jacqueline F. Woods, Solon

Kent State University
Office of the Board of Trustees
Executive Offices
2nd Floor Library
Kent, OH 44242
(330) 672-2050


I don’t think this is genuine. Most likely a fake blog. I mean isn’t incitation to violence punishable under the law.

On an completely unrelated note:

“What if we make reason an act of treason”
– Carbon Leaf

What’s “funny” is they will probably just say he has academic freedom and they can’t/won’t do a thing about it. Now, if he was saying that men and women may have very slight innate differences that (as a group, not individually)predispose them to higher success rates at various endeavors…or horror of horrors, that some individuals have genetic predispositions to excel at say, sprinting, and that those individuals were found with greater frequency in some groups than others…his ass would be packing up tomorrow.

[quote]five-twelve wrote:

Professor from Kent State runs a Jihad training website. Got this from Drudge Report.[/quote]

Kinda makes me miss Nixon.

[quote]lixy wrote:
I don’t think this is genuine. Most likely a fake blog.[/quote]

If it’s a fake blog, someone should be lawyering up and collecting some “libel money”:

Ha, that really was a great read. Thoroughly enjoyable.

The conservative pigs, not 2 brain cells to rub together between them, were up in arms, screaming for blood, while all questions about at least a shred of evidence where simply ignored.

Darwin still has a job cut out for him.

They detain and question a high school girl for making anti-Bush comments on a myspace webpage, but this asshole is still breathing?

I sent this shit into the FBI’s tip center, this is absolutely ridiculous. I’m all for the first ammendment, but when you begin to support the same assholes that have killed our people and threaten our way of life, you deserve to have Uncle Sam’s boot in your ass.