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Is There Such A Thing As A Blunt Pin?

Anyone ever go to jab themselves and its like the needle is blunt?

Had it happen earlier- changed the pin and it went in as normal.

Really weird- not had it happen before!

Yes. Like everything in the world there’s always QC issues and things will slip by that shouldn’t.

Yep. Happens time to time

Ta gents. You’d think medical supplies would be better than that!

Syringes come in a box of 100 with 10 each in a bag. Sometimes a whole bag, or just one syringe, will feel like inserting a rusty jagged nail. Yikes! It can really wake one up. I’ve tried various brands and types and it seems to be a QC thing. I wish there was some way beyond a microscope to quickly check syringe needles before using them.

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