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Is There Anything Exercise Can Do for Arthritis-Like Disease?

Hello everyone,

I’m not totally sure this forum is the most appropriate place to ask about this, but i’ve figured out i would give it a try.

so my mother (45 yo) and i were recently talking about the fact that she pretty much has chronic pain in places such as the neck (so in the cervical muscles) and occasionally back and knees.

she has been having those for years and although she both took drugs and underwent therapies, but she hasn’t had much luck.

i realize it must suck to always have pain in a joint even when you’re not using it at all, and i would really like to help her if there’s anything i can do about it.

she believes that there is not a whole lot anyone can do for her condition but i’m of the idea that fixing her diet (maybe toward something anti-inflammatory of the like) and maybe doing a tiny bit of exercise (she’s not subscribing to a gym) could at least help a bit.

can really fish oil caps and exercise help that?

since i have 2 light resistance bands i’m going to give them to her, which exercises do you suggest i teach her that may help her with her problem? i’m thinking since she has back problems too maybe band pull aparts may be a good starting point?

also if there’s any relevant resource you wanna link, you’re more than welcome. i’ll be doing some research myself to try and help her with that.

thank you all

What type of arthritis? I will tell you that “motion is lotion”, meaning she has to keep moving or the pain and stiffness will only get worse. Now that doesn’t mean she should go out right away and throw iron around, but exactly what you did, start with bands. If you can get copies of the physical rehab movements and start with that, and stay with to motivate and help that would be great. If you can get her to stick with it, and notice her overall outlook on things improve, start adding a little weight. The key is consistency. If someone has severe arthritis and they realize they will always have some pain, but it’s better tolerated when excersizing and manageable.

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