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Is There Anything Else I Can Do Besides TRT?

22 years old, 230lbs, 5’10.

I recently started trt a week ago, my levels were 290, at one point being at 180. I took clomid which boosted my levels a lot but once i stopped they plummeted. I also haven’t worked out in a few years and eat like crap.

(Complete levels in previous post)

Would going to the gym and eating good have the possibility of bringing my levels where they should be?

You might see a small increase, but nothing dramatic to relieve symptoms. If you’re having these issue this early in life, something is broken ~ bad genes.

The younger generation is seeing lower and lower testosterone.

Ahh damn. Can you check out my blood work in previous post?

Agreed. I’m young and on TRT. Once on I find more and more people my age on it. It’s got to be food? Who knows. Be interesting to know for sure.

I agree. I feel food has a ton do with it. Everyone drinking alcohol constantly and eating like shit (me) and docs handing out ssris and anti depressants like candy.

Eating these processed foods is no different than starvation, you’re not getting what you require on a daily basis. This can cause thyroid disease and low testosterone.

I think mine stems from multiple head injuries and alcohol abuse from a stupid early age. Fun at the time… now I don’t drink-nor do drugs, still need the TRT! I really want to test my thyroid because i still feel worn down and constantly tired.

“Is there anything else I can do besides trt?”

Probably stop being fat and lazy? That could help quite a bit. After you fix that then you can address the problem if it still exists. But the reality is that with or without trt you’re going to need to lose weight and be an adult about how you eat, so you might as well start now. It doesn’t get easier as you get older.


A guy should always FIRST fix lifestyle, clean his diet, start working - out regularly, loose body fat, restore all micro nutrient and vitamin deficiencies and then IF still necessary jump to TRT.

Sorry but the syringe will not fix your life if you continue to treat yourself like shit.

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I had uncontrollable sugar cravings before TRT. I have had addiction issues my whole life and sugar was harder to stop than many drugs i have came off. A few days into TRT the cravings went away. I still let myself have some candy here and there and a few of those fruit bar popcicles at night but the all day constant sugar intake instantly stopped with TRT. Everyone is different with different priorities. Not everyone can or wants to for that matter spend a year trying to “optimize” their life style just to find out they wasted a year and still need trt

I’ve already started changing my life style. I guess my question is if its even worth trying to raise it naturally first with my levels. I’ve had levels as low as 180 and my LH being 0.75. I don’t really know how much it would raise if they are already this low.

I started eating better and going to gym. You think doing so would bring my levels to where theyd be? Or only a small increase

Same here, sugar cravings pre-TRT and at 6 weeks I started disprising sugar and gave it up. If I change my protocol, during the next 6 weeks I can feel the cravings return slightly and disappear after 6 weeks of reaching stable levels.

Now that I’m off TRT, I find myself wanting sugar all the time.

I still struggled with the sugar cravings even after starting TRT unfortunately. I recently started cutting out AI though and thinking about it, I think the cravings have diminished some since then.

What? When did you go off TRT and how did that decision come about?

It probably won’t get you all that far, but the bump up combined with overall better health may very well be enough to get you to feel a lot better.

So do you recommend i stay on trt? Only started last week. Trt combined with life style changes or should i stop the T and continue with lifestyle changes

I was forced off TRT do to organ dysfunction do to iron deficient the entire time I was on TRT and is why I struggled all the time. I always did best the first couple of weeks and as I got closer to 6 weeks, I just lost all the good feelings and became irritable, exhausted and fatigued.

It got to the point where doctors were seeing multiple organ dysfunction that is the result of long term iron deficiency. Doctors thought I had heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure etc. All organ checked out and I went to my doctor with iron labs from almost 3 years ago and said this is iron deficiency.

I was pissed because none of my brain dead doctors mentioned anything about iron deficiency because they saw iron at 61 (60 to 170 mcg/dL) and you know how it goes, “in range is normal”.

So I started TRT and became deficient almost immediately. So when new members come in here and say my thyroid labs are all within normal ranges, it pisses me off.

Sick care doctors equals in range is normal, there is no critical thought. My GP recently told me my potassium was good, it was 3.5 (ranges 3.5-5.0) and still have all symptoms of low potassium, I want to let him have it!

No critical thought, just a robot!

What are ideal thyroid levels?

TSH closer to 1.0 <2.5, Free T3 midrange or better and Reverse T3 <15 ng/dL. You cannot metabolize testosterone without sufficient Free T3, Free T3 drives all organs to function, so imagine how poorly organs function when thyroid hormones are not optimal.