Is There Anyone Who Can Help Interpret my Labs?

Anyone here who can help me interpret my bloods? I’ve been trying to get my doctor to take these tests for a while and finally he did it.

If I’m not misunderstanding my levels are at around 260.

The Total T is obviously low. As far as estrogen, it’s difficult to interpret with no units or ranges given.

Yeah I know, it only says within range.
But, am I in the range where going on TRT could benefit me? Given that I actually have all the symptoms?

And is my free test around 260? It’s so hard to just trust these online calculators without getting second opinions.

Yeah but that doesn’t mean it’s normal. My B12 was at the bottom of the ranges, any level above midrange, I start having sides. So while it’s in the “normal ranges”, doesn’t mean it’s normal for me.

A lot of doctors have a really hard time understanding this. Their day to day operations are obsessing over their patients labs, looking for deviations outside those ranges.

A minority of people are normal outside those ranges.

Many experts agree that low normal Free T is a sign of hypogonadism.

The more I read about it, the more it makes sense to give trt a go for about 4 months, to see and reassess if it will benefit me.

Many people just don’t understand how long it takes to really start showing benefits. For some it can take years depending on current medical problems. It took me seven years to find a protocol that works!

I’m an outlier though.

If it comes down to it, I’m in it for life. But yeah, I know some people who have it. One felt the honeymoon phase right away, while another is not there yet after about 1.5 years.

A lot of men think TRT is going to fix all their problems, but the lifestyle and poor diet that lead to the low-T, they continue living that same lifestyle and don’t put in the work.

TRT is a tool to achieving a healthy mind and body.