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Is there any Reason to NOT take Curcumin??


I've been reading up a bit lately on curcumin, on articles here, on wikipedia, and also some scholarly articles. The stuff seems 100% legit, am I missing something as far as reasons someone would NOT take it? It's not even expensive...


Your not missing anything. There is only so much Biotest can say about the supplement due to FDA issues.

It's a great anti-inflammatory, also has anti-histamine properties.

Put it this way, I suffered a small tear in the pectoral muscle Monday. If it wasn't for Curcumin and Flameout, I would be seriously beat up right now.

I also have my mom on it, and she loves it. Considering she has had hip surgery I'm happier she is taking this as opposed to a bunch of NSAIDs.


The only issue is the piperine content which can affect the absorption of other drugs. I take my Rx's with breakfast and dinner, so I take curcumin at lunch.


Hmmm....so if I'm not on any prescriptions I wouldn't have to worry about that?

I'm just baffled as to why this isn't more popular as a supplement.


What's more baffling to me is that not everyone takes Vit. D, especially during the winter.


I started this past year. I felt a difference in energy levels



I take 2000 units with EVERY meal. Nails grow like a muthafucka.


is that side effect? it seems like my nails grow faster and faster as I get older. I have to cut them almost once a week now, or else they look grimey and get alot of dirt stuck in them.

do you think fast cell turnover can ever be a bad thing?

in regards to Curcumin, i take it every and sometimes alternate with cissus


I stinkin' love Curcumin. It absolutely saves my knees and hips after too much hockey.

And since I've started taking it daily as opposed to just as needed, I feel much better in general.


I was right there when Barachiel got knocked off course this past week,and I couldn't stress to him enough how much the combination of Curcumin and Flameout is the backbone of the supplement regimen that allows me to keep training the way I do. Believe me, despite my fairly extensive knowledge on training and nutrition, the human body can only take so much of a beating, and making use of the best supplements and protocols you have available to you is the only way you can continue to progress once you get beyond your 'indestructible' early years. And yes, considering how inexpensive the Curcumin is, if you have any joint issues, you'd be a fool not to at least take it for a test drive.



I sprinkle turmeric and pepper on my eggs everymorning? Is that enough?

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hmmm, may give it a go then. how much per day are you guys taking?


if you ask me the piperine thing is a bunch of bull. Curcumin is cheap and you can make gelatin pills with it in no time. the big supp industry claim that piperine increases absorption by 2000% seems over the top.

im taking it pure in a gelatin cap and its working.


I take 6 per day. I had started with 4, but after hearing how Dave Tate was housing a lot more, I upped my intake and felt a bit better (I usually weigh around 2 bills if that means anything as far as dosing)



GREAT reply, seriously may be the best one I've seen on these forums

How big are the pills?


so what kind of dosage do you guys use?


ok i bought some curcumin off amazon, now what? lol


was yours the suppository version too? The pills look big :frowning:


I take four capsules daily.

It gets bumped to eight on days I play hockey. I mentioned it soothes my knees and hips, and but it also seems to help with the eczema that can pop up on my hands from playing.