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Is There Any Hope For Me?

30 Year old male trapped in 12 year old body because of prolactinoma

I started TRT/Cabergoline roughly 2 months ago and have seen many changes, like hair growth everywhere, deeper voice, good mood and less intimidated, stuff actually comes out of my dick…

My scrotum has balooned, my dick has thickened somehwhat but they are both still really small, like a 12 year olds, will they be stuck like this forever? Will I always look like a 12 year old? I can’t seem to find anyone else who has gone thru what I have gone thru.

They are out there. Sounds like you are on the right path. Hang in there. You’re running a marathon, not a sprint.

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You have had some positive changes already. That’s good man.
Hair growth, fatter d, bigger balls… etc

Stay the course. Not sure if dick will grow length wise.

Have you checked IGF and hgh levels?
Your doctor’s early on failed you. If caught during puberty years things would have grown better.

Stick to it bro. Life is not easy. It fucking sucks. Men get through life. Be like man.

I feel your pain and cannot imagine.

I think there is a study out there taking about this and I believe its called micropenis . Google it and read the studies and find the doctors out there dealing with this.

FFS save some money up in the future and go hire a doctor for penis surgery if this shit dont work. He can add sone girth and maybe sone length to it. I was watching something about this on vice news. Check it out.

The little bit I’ve read about this showed significant improvement to micropenis but if I recall correctly the study was on people younger than you so I don’t know if that will make a difference or not. It basically helped them get to their “genetic” potential but it won’t enlarge anyone past that or anything like that or we’d all probably be on 10K IU’s a week, haha.

Good luck though, let us know how it goes.

I wouldn’t mess with penis issues. If you own it and don’t apologize for it you got this. Penis girth is where its anyway. People are shallow, but if you’re a cool dude who dominates, dick size is no big deal. Lots of lesbians with no dick and they act more like men than some men. ED is a bigger issue because it leaves you with a useless dick. Lots of guys in here who have experienced this. So most comments will come from guys with no penis size issues but don’t dismiss the fact that some of us know the feeling of having a useless dick. If you can use it, you’re in the game. So play. BTW how tall are you?

What he said above. If you can’t fix it, play to your strengths. Women can smell lack of confidence like a putrid mortuary so whatever you, own it.