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Is There Any Hope for Me?


Hi to whoever cares enough to have clicked on the link. Im a 20 year old ectomorph. Im not going to bother crying about being skinny and what not, i am what i am. So ive decided to take that hige step to change the way i look obviously or else i wouldnt be here in the first place. My dads a successful bodybuilder but hes not much of a help if i ask him questions half the time he wont understand or will just tell me advice that if i research it it turns out to be wrong. but in the end he turned out pretty big and ripped.

Now im just gunna put it out there. Im doing a uni course for game design so im on the computer around 10+ hours a day. My sleep cycles are the worst i usualy sleep at 2 am and wake at 11am+. This is a big thing im trying to change. Ive been doing gym for 3 months now not much change honestly. MY back posture is better though and i feel better overall. but physically nothing. Now i dont expect to get big in 1 day. I needa change my diet i honestly have no clue to what an ectomorph should eat or how often ive read alot of things online but everyone says something different. IS there any hope for me or should i just give up? Thank you for your time guys


If youre serious about asking this question then youve already lost the battle.

Stop thinking and get to work.


Not exactly sure what an ectomorph is bc I stopped paying attention to that bs. I'm guessing you're small. Nbd. When it comes to eating. Just freaking eat. Eat a lot! Try to get in proteins and all those essentials. If you eat enough and a lot you won't really need to worry about calories. Don't be afraid to gain a little bit of fat if you want to get bigger. I'd like to see what you're work is like. As for sleep really try to improve that. Also take a nap if you can in your day.



if your dad is a successful bodybuilder, pretty big and ripped...

why don't you stop googling shit and start training with him.




because me and my dad are from opposite worlds i tried training with him but he focuses more onhimself then helping me out and we arnt close to put it as simple as i can. i merely stated him because he got me into this and now im really considering this but i dont see him as any help =\


well, the guy's got to get his work in. I've tried training at the pace and intensity that I need to while training someone else (my dad and a co-worker) and it messes up your pace and focus when you have to stop and point out details to someone less experienced than you.

I can't help you here except to tell you that maybe you should be doing what he is doing if he is as developed as you say. show up to train, eat with him, keep trying to pick his brain and show him you're truly motivated. whenever he's convinced that you're serious, maybe he'll spend a little more time instructing you.

does he chat and bs with other people at the gym? he might be the type that gets really focused, doesn't bs, gets the work in and doesn't pussyfoot around.

in the meantime, this site and its experienced members can help you with your questions.


I was also an "skinny ectomorph" until I started to calculate my calories and make sure I eat enough to keep increasing my weight while working hard enough at the gym.

I look at my 'before' pictures and I'm scared of how skinny I was.

So...eat! Buy a kitchen scale to weigh the food and eat lots!


I don't even know what you are looking for here. From your two posts you sound like you are still in the contemplation stage of a decision. Why don't you make a deal with yourself that you will be dedicated to lifting heavy complexes and eating 4000 calories minimum every day.

Commit to this for 3 months then comeback here and tell us how it went and ask questions.

A bunch of strangers can't talk you in to being committed, that comes from within.


Eat food. Train hard. Get bigger. I'm nowhere near big, but I spent most of my life at 140 lbs at 5'10. I'm still a noob that makes tons of mistakes, and I've managed to get up to 190 lbs in a little over a year. It's really not rocket science. Do the work, eat the food. You'll grow. If you hit a point that you stop growing, come back with focused questions.


Lift weights that are heavy for you. Then lift heavier ones.

Eat what seems to be a lot, then eat more.



It's a lot simpler than most people make it out to be.


He puts it well ^^


OP - I don't mean to be a dick, but your attitude kinda sucks. Until you begin to change that it will be difficult to change anything else.

The first link is about attitude the second is mostly about eating.




In him strong is the force ( think yoda )


How does that help him out? I'm no big guy or whatever but you know dam well that's really no help. Suppose OP just did lift heavier weights like you said and just eats , he still doesn't know how often to train , if he's eating enough , or how many exercises he should be doing. You guys could've atleast linked him to a thread with a better guideline to lifting weights..

OP i'm still new to this , but what from i've seen Kingbeef has a thread called "Do this routine" you can start there and even ask the guys on the thread some questions .


Anyone with a little bit of experience on here will realise that you're just wasting your time with people like the OP (come on, even his dad gave up teaching him...and is it any wonder when he, despite having no experience, feels he knows better?)

Sometimes our first impressions are proven wrong, not often though. Those people who really do want to learn, stick around and don't answer back with negativity/excuses all the time.


besides that, it really is as simple as eat big, lift big, eat big, sleep, eat big, lift bigger than last time, all the time.

anyone who has made real progress can tell you that.


WTF OP..Your dad is a ripped bodybuilder and he won't/can't help you? Thats one shitty dad! You need get serious about your diet and commit to a decent routine..that's the first step. So start reading, most of the questions have already been answered...try the search button...it's magical(and free)!


I'm a beginner to been training for about 10 months. I put on about 30lbs in the past year it wasn't all clean but I have seen some good increases about 100lbs in bench press 185-275 and deadlift 275-375 and sqauts kinda fuzzy still tryna perfect my form. I'm not sure if my advice would be to good cuz it kinda felt easy I trained about 3 times a week tried to have a bench day sqaut day and deadlift day and my appetite sky rocketed and i like food anyway so eating was no problem at all.

But I'm getting ready to start Jim wendlers 5/3/1 its a very simple program you should research it they have a article on this site just go to articles hit featured authots then jim wendler and you should see it. I been doing alot of research and it seems pretty solid and like i said its real simple there is pretty much no guess work. But havent tried it myself yet so can't really say i know it works but just mite be something you should check into. Best of luck to you dude.