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Is There an Alternative to Steroids for Strength Gains?

I’m interested in increasing my sterngth, but without steroids. What compounds are out there? I heard about peptides, that it can help in fat burn and joint health. I also heard about some powerlifters using adenosine triphosphate (ATP) (which is usually given to horses) and in theory works in a similar way as creatine, but yields much greater benefits. Any other “legal” options out there?

I hear lifting weights is kind of helpful


As I just said , it is a secret though but I’ll share… Food…Food is King.


This is the right website for increasing strength. What are you doing at the moment, re training?
Plenty of people here have increased their strength to impressive levels naturally.
Yes steroids can take you further, but its how you train that does the job.

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Would’ve posted a snarky reply but other peeps got that covered.

May hit your natty muscle peak in a few years and never achieve your desired levels of development in certain muscle groups e.g. delts or maintain leanness/fullness without drugs but natty strength gains go for decades. Not uncommon to find dedicated natties outlifting juicy gym bros.

Probably a bit premature and misguided to be looking to drugs.

Can’t out juice poor training principles, methods and habits. Look to improve these first before dabbling in performance enhancing substances.


But r u natty?


Also to point out about the ATP, it has to be injectable, oral products have a poor like very poor bioavailability.

monday - biceps
tuesday - biceps
wednesday - biceps
thursday - biceps
friday - biceps

its the only way to make gains


You forgot though. We go heavy biceps on Saturday and Sunday.

You can cheat on girls…but never cheat on curls

This looks like a decent program but i prefer one with more of a focus on arms