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Is there Always an Answer?


here at T-Nation any question will always get an answer. it may be right, wrong, got nothing to do with the original question, or make everyone go WTF!!!
for those that always have an answer http://junq.info/ the journal of unsolved questions.
some examples that I'm sure will be solved by the brilliant minds here
Is it true that flatulence is more common in male infants?
What is the best multireference coupled-cluster method?
Are there smooth and globally defined solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations?

you can also submit those questions that keep you up at night.

who is lady gaga's butcher?
did capt. kirk ever get into uhura's pants?
how did t-rex masturbate with such short arms?


T Rex don't masturbate.



How do you like that ass whoopin' silverdud?


how can you prove my client commited rape? do you have DNA or pictures? those gloves DO NOT FIT!!!


not bad.
your question. what does a man do standing up, a woman do sitting down, and a dog do on three legs? the answer is not take a piss.


How does one simply Mordor his way into Mordor ?

There is no answer.


By being not an elf, that's fudgin' how.


This girl fucking rules.


Shake hands.


You're in a pool of shit up to your neck and someone throws a bucket of puke at your face. Do you duck?


No, you reevaluate your life.


^^ You can do that after you duck...or don't duck.


Depends on the shitter and puker's respective diets.


they're both the same person and their deit sucks balls


Depends on if you've been thrown into the shitpool head first or not.


My god you're a pessimist!
You're just standing in the shit up to your neck.


LOL - OK. I'll be optimistic in my pessimism and hope that the bucket thrower isn't a very good shot.


whats a 4 letter word for intercourse that ends in "k"?


Talk. The answer is talk.


A woman always shakes hands sitting down?