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Is There a Shelf Life for HCG?

Hey all, the trt plan I was on included hcg but I never took - just held onto it. Does it go bad? Does it lose potency? The viaIs (water and powder) have been stored in a cool dry place. I know there’s an expiration date on the bottles but I’m assuming those are required and not necessarily accurate.
Also, how do you know if your gear is legit? That is, aside from the human guinea pig method. Is there some test that can be performed on your test? Getting your labs done, pinning yourself for two months, getting labs done again, finding out it’s very weak or bunk, pinning yourself again with a different source for two months etc etc is a hassle.
Thanks for any feedback!

HCG is good for a couple of years unmixed, once mixed, 45-60days if refridgerated.

Before and after blood tests will confirm your meds are legit.

Thanks for the info, high- I appreciate it. Should I refrigerate the hcg after I mix?


Thanks bud

On mine it says to discharge after 28 days after mixing which is weird because I need to use for 2 months.

Yeah, that is weird. This trt stuff can get complicated.

It loses a little potency after a month, not much until after three. Pharmacists have told me it is fine for 60 days, which makes sense as a lot of prescriptions would not use the complete vial in a month.