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Is There a Real Doctor Here?


If you are a fully qualified doctor then your thoughts and opinions on this would be much appreciated here.

I have already been to my Indonesian doctor about this (ok stop laughing!) and I was just wanting to hear some other opinions.

Thanks for your time!!

When I was about 11-12. I was having a pain in my left hip and then it got worse and eventually it affected the way that I walk and I got a rather bad limp.

I went for x-ray after x-ray and test after test, doctors were telling my parents that they could not find anything wrong and maybe I was just looking for attention, etc.

Then after a holiday in Ireland, we returned to Scotland and that first morning I received a phone call from the hospital and they asked me to get to the hospital immediately.

I was met at the hospital by a nurse and a wheelchair.

The doctor proceeded to inform me that I had what?s called a Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE), in other words a dislocated hip. Which they said can be difficult to spot on an x-ray. But even at 11-12 I didn?t really buy that, I don?t know I am not a doctor, maybe it is difficult to see.

But I felt it, and I walked on it for 6 months.

Then I went through a time in the hospital with my leg in traction and then I was operated on to have two pins put into my leg to make it right.

6 months after the operation my hip started to get painful again I was taken back into hospital where I was told that one of the pins had broke and was moving into my muscle causing the pain.

So back into hospital for another operation to remove the pins. Through the doctors evaluation he felt that my hip was strong enough to have both pins removed.

And I did, and they were and since then my hip has been fine??.. That is until now. (famous last words!)

I have been (and was trying to ignore) a little twinge of pain in my left hip, but recently the twinge of pain was upgraded to a sharp pain.

I have been for an x-ray, you can check it out here;

Basically the ball of my left hip has been wearing away, my weight hasn't helped with that. I have so far lost 53lbs.

So the most important thing now is for me to continue to lose weight, and fast!

My doctor here has asked me to keep to the machines at the gym (but I still use free-weights, but I am still careful; staying away from weighted squats, lunges, etc).

As my goal is fat loss I have a cardio workout as well but this is becoming increasingly difficult.

Running = painful
Jogging = painful
Cycling = pain will set in about 30 min after
Walking = Bearable
Skipping = painful

This week I have stayed away from my cardio workouts, so to blast fat I am sticking to my nutrition plan and my strength training.

I am not happy about coming away from my cardio workouts, I am currently trying to get a membership for a local swimming pool.

I know I am up shit creek at the moment but any advice, second opinion would be great, especially in regards to my workout, can, can't, shouldn't, etc....

And you wont be liable for any info that you give, I will take your opinion as educational information only :stuck_out_tongue:


From the looks of it you have a left femoral neck fracture. Having had surgery in the past on your hip and the poor quality of the xray make things a little difficult to interpret, but if you came to my ER with your complaints and this xray, the next things would've been: CT or MRI (best) and Ortho consult. So stop all your exercises and see your doc ASAP. Good luck, keep us updated!


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I am very very interested in this post, as my little brother has just come out of hospital (yesterday) for exactly the same thing! it was not spotted for 6 months either, and he has just had his hips pinned. He lives in Australia, so I have only been getting vage explanations off my father as to what the problem is... So I am very interested in what others have to say about this. My brother actually played a lot of sports, and I really hope that this operation will not affect his future.


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You shouldn't be looking for medical advice on an internet bodybuilding forum. Go see a good orthopedic doctor... now.

I am a physical therapy student at the moment, so take this for what it's worth (ie not much). It sounds to me too like a possible femoral neck fracture, which is just about the worst lower body injury imaginable. Your presumably heavy weight and symptoms indicate such, but you need an MRI.

The femoral head is supplied with blood through the femoral neck, and if that connection is broken via fracture, you are truly up shit's creek with a turd for a paddle... as in full hip replacement.

Again, stop all activity and see a doctor.


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