Is There a Point in PCT?

So i know the risks associated with TRT which done correctly are practically none.
I’ve recently quit smoking and want to pick my poison in terms of this, i want something that will actually benefit my life. Currently I’m a PT but looking to move online.

Anyways, is there even a point in trying to pct. I’ve heard blowing up and blowing back down is actually more dangerous and taxing than just coming back down to a actual cruise dose 120-250.

I’ve never touched gear and this will be my first cycle. I have no problem spending a quid a week on test for the rest of my life. And my balls are also too large that they come out of the sack while having a wank lol. Thoughts?

TRT is a treatment for hypogonadism. Its not a ‘lifestyle’ choice. If you are not low on endogenous testosterone then you won’t see much benefit from running TRT doses of Test. Its pointless. If you want to cycle thats a different story but in that case its called blast (while on higher doses) and cruise (lower doses for maintenance). There is no TRT in there. Blast and cruise is definitely more effective at maintaining and growing than cycling with a PCT. However, a blast and cruise approach will likely end you up on real TRT when you want to stop as it could disrupt your HPTA for long enough you don’t ever recover.

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How old are you?

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No, there is no point of PCT.
If you KNOW you will LIVE this life forever, then blasting and cruising(cruise is what you ment by TRT probably) is the only good way.

I started at 17-18 also, i did a few cycles, fucked myself up and went on permanent blast when i was like 23… im 33 now, i dont regret anything, and i will be on something until i die.

The only thing to look out for is kids. If you want any, then dont do it. The thing is that it is likely you wont be able to have any, while ON. But when you go off to repair your nuts and make kids, you will also lose ALL the gains meanwhile. So if you plan on having kids sometimes, then using steroids now, is just as stupid as the PCT idea - you will basically be losing everything you did until then. Because what you will have to do when you want kids, is have a gigantic PCT…

Full stop. The problem I have with this early age is that the smartest 18 year olds out there will still reflect in their later years how stupid they were. Why? Your brain, and your body, are still maturing. You can’t comprehend your long term decisions, you just don’t have the life experience. So… please take that into consideration for at least a minute before you ignore my advice and still do what you’re gonna do.

Mike O Hearn is a genetically blessed lifetime user and hard worker. Prepare to be disappointed as a few cycles won’t get you close to him. Well I could be wrong, I’ve seen one or two genetically elite pull that off. I’ve just seen a lot more get very little out of gear than the opposite.


When on TRT, no.

Then yes, you PCT. Kinda confusing which route you’re planning on taking. Can you clarify at all?

It’s not so much the lifting experience, it’s the impact on your HPTa at a young age. Plus the health related effects that you could carry for life. Going on TRT at 18 sounds cool and all until you’re prepping your 1000th injection and your delts are fucking sore and your legs have scar tissue built up.

Fucking TikTok man lol … ruining kids lives and distorting reality. I guess I’m just old and out of touch maybe. But I’m glad we didn’t have any of that when I was a teenager. I feel bad for my niece/nephew.

Anyway, angry old man rant over. Good luck


And yes it seems you are out of touch with this reality anyway, i have a decent amount of followers and know it sounds corny and shit but i could make it big I’m natty af the now with people commenting on my physique saying insane genetics. I understand i wont get a classic ready physique within a couple cycles. Although was actually surprised by the 5mgs of LGD. Test is meant to blow lgd out of the water. I see Larry wheels on podcasts talk about how he doesn’t regret starting so young. And how it’s all about picking what you want to do for life.

As to your scarring tissue comment I’m sure insulin pins subcutaneously into stomach fat tissue (aslong as I’m not using grams) I do know a lot, I’m not just some kid. Although would love to hear your thoughts I’m just tryna do it the right way man i know kids in my gym that started at 14 who take snow every weekend and there fine. (Looks 40) but fine.

Ahhh I remember those days. Referencing LW is exactly what I’m talking about. But good luck! i mean that. Maybe I’ll see you on stage and I’ll eat my words




You have my curiosity. How much substance supports your dream?
I would really like to see some pics.
How heavy are you?
How tall are you?
Would you share your strength level?

  • Bench press max (weight and reps if you don’t do singles))
  • Squat max (weight and reps)
  • Deadlift max (weight and reps)
  • How many pullups (chin ups) can you do?

Out of the 60K followers, what is the engagement like? Does OP get 50K or 5K views for each short video? How many are serious lifters that would hire a coach? How many would hire him (lots of competition)? How many would hire him if he made his niche natural bodybuilding? Maybe he could be coaching right now if he knows his stuff, and has a body to back it up?

Like you are the person who decides what are good choices for everyone. So ignorant i cant believe anyone would actually mean to day smth like that seriously.

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Mike O’Hearn has absolutely amazing genetics and a lifetime intake of Tren. You will not look like him.

Try college.

Post a picture.


If it’s going to be your career get on when the time is right. with that said…

“you should ALREADY have people commenting that you use even though you are natural”

" if you walk in a room, and everyone in there doesn’t know that you lift… you are not ready for steroids"

post a pic or link to your tik tok


This is my concern with internet coaching. One of the trainers I worked with was a 300lbs Samoan, fat but strong, new more about anatomy than any of us, knew how to program for imbalances, all natural. And he had lots of clients at 24H. But he would have zero clients in today’s “online coaching” market, cos he doesn’t look the part. But he’s there to spot you when you need it, give encouragement, programming, all the things I’d want from a trainer that an 18 year old kid can’t offer, no matter how ripped he looks or how much AAS he takes to get that look. Doesn’t mean he knows anything about coaching ppl. But that kid will get clients just cos they want to look like him. Not cos he knows how to coach them. It’s just an odd dynamic today. Is your internet coach going to spot you from the phone? Or get you to push out that last zero RIR lift?


When I had a coach he was closer to 375 lbs lol. But he knew his shit, and has a good tested (I believe he is natty, not just passing the tests) PL total or ~1850 lbs.

I did not go with the coach that looked good haha. Working with him I brought my total from around 1200 lbs to 1400 lbs at the same body weight. I worked with him about 2 years I think. 200 lbs doesn’t sound like an increable gain, but that is like almost 70 lbs increase each on three lifts, that weren’t terrible to start with.


Are we looking at the same pictures here? You look like a cancer patient.

I wish great things for you - I just do not think this is the way you will achieve any sense of greatness. Good luck with your tiktok dream.


you have no muscle. You don’t even bench 1 plate. You do not look like you lift. You simply look like a steroid baby… the weirdly lean wire-y type that needed steroids to survive birth.

Crazy how I even wished well for you, yet you still came off like beta cunt.

I’d normally say “good luck” but I know how that went last time.

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Yeah, but he has 60k tiktok followers so he’s different, right?

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