Is There a Natural Way to Boost Testosterone in Women?

It may sounds silly or you’ll probably laught at me but it’s been a few days that this question tortures me.
Is there any natural way to boost testosterone in women? Food, medicine, way of living or training etc
DO NOT LAUGH but even this;can I derive it from a man?? Always naturally😂
Thank you in advance and I’m not joking, just desperate to high up my testo levels in a natural way😂

You can get your boyfriend to give you regular injections of Vitamin D(not the real vitamin D, the euphemism type).

In all seriousness just stay healthy.
I have heard there is a really low dose 1% Test’, Andro Feme cream. Not natural but it could be a good option for a little boost. I would get medical advice, as the last thing a pretty woman needs is masculinization.

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So i guess there isnt a way :joy:
Maybe I’ll just stick to ask for professional advice as you said and see what I’d get.
Masculinity is not bad,women have testo levels too and that’s why I talked about a natural way, I don’t think that it will affect in a serious way as injections of testosterone… :confused:

Maybe Zinc supplements?

I’m 22 and already losing some hair so I started to supplement with Zinc (it’s apparently good for that)

Ever since I started taking Zinc I started to have random boners much more frequently. And as for hair… I didn’t really notice anything… it just stayed how it was when I started to take it, but hairline didn’t move more back…

Anyways try with zinc, magnesium and drink more milk. I doubt you want to listen about my hair problems xD

Haha what exactly is zinc?
I’m afraid to use medical stuff as for a woman it maybe have an impact on me that’s why I’m looking for something natural(I keep in mind milk and magnesium though!)

Zinc is a mineral, the same way Magnesium is, you eat it every day in food, just not lots of it. And milk helps because of Calcium in it, so it usually comes down to minerals.

To men, eating eggs is also useful because cholesterol in the yolk is easily converted into testosterone inside your testicles, but since you are a woman, I don’t know if you would benefit from that.

There are plenty of herbal based supplements that guys regularly use. Some people swear by them, others think they’re bunk. Imo only some are worthwhile.

Tribulus and forskolin both have a lot of writing about them and might be worth looking into. I use Biotest’s “Alpha Male” product myself and notice some improvement in my natural recovery etc.


I’ll search and maybe try zinc!
Thank you very much, you’ve been so helpful and I think magnesium will do the work!

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Do you think that will work for females too, without serious impacts??

Compared to what plenty of female competitors use, I’d say a few herbal based ingredients won’t exactly kill you.


Hahahaha no I don’t want that.
So you suggest as far as we’re talking about herbal supps to try tribulus &forskolin(cause I don’t think alpha male is for me-im pro-alpha males but I want to stay feminine in case this is very strong if it isn’t I’ll give it a go).
Can I find those two (tribulus and forkolin at drug stores?

I can assure you that no herbal supplement will make you produce so much test that you’ll turn masculine.

Try Maca powder also.

If I had problems with low test, I’d first option for stuff like ZMA, if that didn’t give me desired results then I’d go after stuff like Alpha Male. There’s also Horny Goat Weed, but I’m not sure if that’s for women.

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And where do I find these? Only online I guess?
Is it trustworthy to buy such stuff online or should I choose a drug store and maybe smthng herbal first?

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I’d go to a store, we have special shops for fitness equipment and supplements in my country, try finding place like that. And I always buy my protein there.

You don’t have to wait the delivery, and you know it’s not a scam.

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You’re right, I also buy my protein from this Kind of stores too but you never can be sure :confused:
Thanks so much for the help, appreciated!

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One of the women I train who is a multi federation world record holder with quite the physique has had great luck with animal stack M pack.

Can’t say enough about proper diet though.

What exactly she noticed?

Higher numbers on lifts, increased muscle, increased energy and drive.

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And this is not dangerous?

Wow… for real?

I’ll just leave this here along with the link to