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Is There a Medication that Boosts Androgen Receptors?

I’d read about weightlifters having a hard time gaining muscle due to their low amount of androgen receptors. I may be one of them. 2 questions about this:

  1. Is there a medication that can increase the amount or quality?

  2. Is there a test that measures the amount of androgen receptors?

I’ve read carnitine helps.

Dude come on… I said medication not herbal shit. Seriously

I believe physiologik was talking about Beverly product Quadracarn for
Increasing receptors or sensitivity.

It’s not “herbal shit”.

Next time be a little nicer when someone tries
To help you. You’ll go farther in life.


I think I said “medication” unless herbal is grown in the lab which last time I checked its not. This has nothing to do with being nice. It has to do with simple reading comprehension.

L-Carnitine isn’t herbal, it’s a damn amino acid. You know, those things without which your body could not function?

In addition to that, you can add caffeine and intermittent fasting. Beyond that, you’re kind of stuck with the genetics you have.

The only way for a low responder to really get to that next level (past what their genetics will allow) is exogenous testosterone and/or other steroids. Since you’re here I assume you’re already on that path.


Well, you’re an asshole.


L-carnitine isnt herbal but it belongs to the fucking realm of “holistics medicine” that isnt medical but can involve herbal.

Yes I’ve read about testosterone that it can force receptors en masse. But is there any drug that can do what testosterone does in manipulating the receptors without using hormones?

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No. It’s genetic and the only way to manipulate that is incrementally, by things such as have been mentioned already. You’re stuck with the genetics you have. You’re not, however, stuck being an unremittingly smug cunt. That’s a choice you have to actively make.


I take a lot of AL-Car and I have no issues.

By the way OP you sound ignorant as fuck.


L-carnitine has literature with regard to being able to up regulate and increase the density of existing androgen receptors, it’s the real deal. Furthermore TESTOSTERONE and other anabolics may increase the amt of androgen receptors (and density of said receptors) in tissues responsive to androgens (via AR binding) BUT over time these receptors down regulate themselves with prolonged exposure to high doses of androgens

Saying l carnitine is holistic “herbal medicine” would be like saying creatine is herbal. Just because something is herbal doesn’t mean it can’t have effects on the body, that’d be like saying kratom doesn’t help with pain, it has alkaloids with opioid properties, the substance is highly addictive… but it’s a “herbal medicine” and works for pain (granted I wouldn’t take the shit for pain, slippery slope


My buddy started taking that stuff and he’s full blown addicted to it. Has to take it multiple times a day or he feels sick.

What’s crazy is some people talk about it like it’s the next big thing

You’re a clown

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I’ve tried it once out of curiosity, that was about two months ago

Apparently there’s different kinds that have different affects. Some are similar to an opiate while others are supposed to make you alert… Supposedly.

Im curious but I have enough things to deal with last thing I need is an addiction to kratom

The issue I have with l-carnitine is that it wont do as good of a job as a lab tested med.

I never said l-carnitine is herbal. I said it belongs to the class of holistic medicine for the simple fact that much of the medical research doesnt prove it to be an effective enough treatment of choice for docs. Its like telling a low T patient with a 240 T level to exercise and consume milk and poultry. That will NOT raise that patient’s T level to 500 or beyond. Every med pro knows that including myself since 2 uros personally expressed to me the exact conclusion. Thats why they prescribe TRT as a proven effective means to drive up T levels, not pushups and hamburgers.




If you were smart you’d know I said its not herbal. But its classed along with herbal products. Ignorance among us.

Dude chill.

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