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Is There a Fix for Tren Paranoia?

I’m currently about half way through a tren e cycle. Test is my regular trt dose of .75mg sustanon twice a week, shot Tuesday and Saturday. I shoot my tren e on the same days, 100mg a shot.

I’ve done a tren ace and trt cycle before and I’m experiencing all the same sides, night sweats, insomnia etc but this time the paranoia is absolutely killing me. I’m laying awake at night thinking about my girlfriends sexual past, having arguments with her in my head, breaking up with her, really dark shit. It’s fucking doing in me.

Would upping the test to a higher dose help take the edge off? Or should I just bin the tren? I’m in a weird place where I know it’s the tren fucking with me and it’d be a waste to scrap it but I also don’t know if I can put up with this for another 4 weeks.

Tren is its own beast! If you don’t know if you can go another four weeks, then don’t!

Obviously there is something making you run the hampster wheel of self doubt with your relationship, in the future have that taken care of before you use tren. For now I’d say stop using it or your going to cause some damage the very first second those thoughts become words…

And really your dose is low so I really think there is something else triggering this but the tren is just putting a shine on it. I know when I was younger I was more in my head about the females and all of that. I also know I had shit I needed to work on and instead chose to use opioids and that made me fucking lunney! Are you sure there isnt something else in the mix driving your hampster wheel of self doubt?

Going to the gym and working on yourself as self improvement is a positive thing but if it is accompanied with a bunch of negative things then your result will be negative.

When I get my insomnia with tren these days I do worry about stuff but it shifts and shifts it doesn’t stay on one thing really. If I was younger or still on the opioids then I know it would be on females and that’s it. Really now I just start worrying about not sleeping enough and getting off of schedule, which does feed the hampster wheel.

I have always kinda struggled with self esteem issues but it’s usually under control and not a problem. I have no real doubts about my relationship, no genuine fears that she’ll cheat on me or that I’m not enough etc. So yeah, maybe there’s some underlaying stuff going on but it’s never normally a problem.

I hear mixed opinions on test/tren ratios, do you think upping the test would be beneficial in terms of feelings of well being? Or just fuck it off?

Ok I have heard all sorts of bro science this and that with tren, and all the other compounds. I tend to look at things from a different point of view, I am left handed and learned early on that I think differently than the next guy.

If and I say if you are confident that this is all just tren triggering some odd ball self doubts then let’s look at tren. First it is a progesterone or has progestenic activity. If estrogen levels can make us moody then so can anything that triggers progesterone receptors. It’s possible that a higher test ratio could Ballance it but adding more compounds or MGs shouldn’t be the first answer ever when it comes to fixing any issues with AAS. It’s literally throwing gas on a fire because it is a liquid and liquids are supposed to put fires out…

With tren acetate there is this thing that seems to happen with guys that use it, they get high from it. The reason I brought up my opioid experience is because your self doubt hamster wheel sounds like when I would come down from my buzz. So with tren and I forget the specifics with it but there is a dopamine or seratonin release that is more pronounced with the acetate ester. That ester allows a nice flood of trenbolone to be released from the ester and thus flood the system. So this release is more pronounced with the acetate ester vs the enanthate or hex esters. A lot of guys notice how good they feel after that shot and they end up switching to everyday shots then they start upping the dose. They start chasing that dragon. Please don’t do that.

I make this next part with the condition of, if there are ANY addicts in your family then do not do this. I think if you look at when you are having these bad nights on the hamster wheel it is probably worse the night before you take your shot or at least not as bad the night you take your shot. Before you try upping the dose and again ONLY is there are no addicts in your family, I would try lowering the dose but going to a ED injection schedule.
Keep in mind your reaction could have nothing to do with the dopamine or seratonin release but it does sound very similar to a come down to me. You could just be on the hormone emotional rollercoaster that is AAS and is even more so Tren. Weather it is the hormone rollercoaster or the fallout after the dopamine release, smaller regular injections should even it out.
Again if there are any addicts in your family do not do this. You won’t necessarily get addicted to tren but you will form pathways that an addictive personality will find ways to stimulate again. Or at least that is a real possibility and I mean like real good chance possibility.

Please understand that you going forward is a gamble with tren. I don’t know your AAS usage history or anything else that could help shed light on what might be the background to all of this. So what I wrote was just what I had come to mind with the limited input.

Any FYI the sweating and all that at night is just part of tren. The insomnia can get to us. Have you tried some simple over the counter benadryl as a sleep aid? It is fairly safe, they give it to meth addicts when they stop using so it can help you feel more relaxed and thus sleep easier.
Another one that I use is valerian root, again if you dont use it everyday then it can actually hit you like a stronger sleep aid the first few nights you use it.
I myself go back and forth between the two and even some genetic sleep aids from Wally world. I find the trick is not using one for too many nights in a row. Ultimately we don’t want to use them but tren is a bitch so having some help is a good option.

As for the sweating at night, I sleep with a large beach towel and an extra sheet on the night stand. When I wake up in a puddle, I put down the towel and use the new dry sheet. It is only that bad when I get to the end of my cycle, I use the enanthate ester so I get some warnings before it hits bad.

From experience and this is based off of all my AAS compound usage, smaller regular injections always make my cycles go better. I feel better and I get better results so why not. Yeah extra injections suck but we signed on for it the very first time we used an injectable.

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I am sorry I didn’t write this out, I was thinking it but didn’t write it out.
With you using the enanthate ester there is still a “surge” of hormone levels after the shot. Even though we only typically see guys on acetate ester going and increasing the doses and all that, you could still be getting enough of a release to cause that high and low crash in regards to the dopamine or seratonin. You could just be extra sensitive to it or you could just be extra sensitive to the hormone rollercoaster. Maybe both.
Keep in mind the way you described it I totally had a flash back to when I did that after my opioid usage so I am in the mind frame of “this sounds like a come down or crash post usage or after the high.”

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I have no addiction worries, so chasing the high isn’t something I’m particularly concerned about. And as you can see from my dosing, I prefer to use the minimal I can get away with, I’m not looking to be the sort of guy that’s shooting a gram a week. Did/do you do ED injections even with longer estered compounds? The reason I chose tren e this time over tren ace (whichni used last time) is because ED shots are a pain in the ass.

Even with my enanthate I do at least every other day injections.

Something to keep in mind is you have some short esters in that sust mix so that could be causing the high and low as well, that is if you are sensitive to it.

Are you noticing that it is worse on certain days/nights vs others. And I am mainly talking about the hampster wheel.

I’ve been on trt for a few years now, I think my levels are pretty stable regardless of the blended esters in the sustanon. I’m not sure if any nights are worse than others, last night was a bad one. I injected on Tuesday and I’m due my next shot on Saturday. So maybe it is a dip. I’ll try shooting the tren on Tue/Thur/Sat/Sun. I know EOD would be better but I tend to lose track whereas if it’s shots on specific days I can manage that better.

What’s the risk vs the reward here? The biggest risk is losing the relationship. The biggest possible reward is…what, exactly? An extra four weeks on the tren isn’t going to transform you entirely. You’ll look better. That’s it. Doesn’t seem like the payoff is worth the price here. Now if you had a show coming up and you had a serious shot at winning and getting to another level, yeah you tough it out. But there’s no big beautiful thing on the other side of those extra four weeks that should compel you to stay this course. The cost of fucking with your brain is high, so you better be getting your money’s worth.

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That is a very good point mate. I’m basically doing this for fun and so far it’s been anything but.

I appreciate the advice from you both. I think I’m gonna bin the tren.

The simplest, most effective fix is, don’t use tren. It’s already been mentioned above, but no side effects that are detrimental to your daily life and relationships, and also your mental and physical wellbeing, are really worth it at all. It’s a lesson best learned early, if you want to use AAS long term.

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Just stop the Tren. It’s absolutely not an every mans drug. Some seems to have zero mental sides and others goes in to a jealous monster on 200 mgs a week. Your seems to be in the ladder category, that said Tren E has reputation for being way worse on the mental sides than ace. That’s also the reason every first time users of Tren should stick to Ace. Should the sides be too much, It’s out of the system much faster than the Enanthate