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Is There a Diagram for This?


A diagram of which region for each muscle to excerise?

Specific exercises that develops each region in the specific muscle?

something like this?


But more in depth... which exercise workouts out each region of a muscle..

But for example,


-To work the shorthead..
(List of exercises)

-To work the longhead..
(list of exercises)

and so fourth... and for the triceps there is 3 different regions of that triceps and maybe there is a list of exercises that hit each region of the triceps?

This way everyone hits different and consumes this diagram for future references... please



This is pretty stupid because....

1) Your muscles may have different heads (not all of them but many do), however they contract as a unit. Want your biceps to grow? Just lift more for curling movements.

2) Your development is probably not at a point where you need to worry about "upper" or "lower" anything. I know Im sure not.


It's not stupid at all.

A bodybuilder needs to develop a proportional body. It's stupid that this has to be explained/emphasized.

Incline dumbell curls will put greater stress on the long head of the biceps, leading to a better bicep peak, because the long head is stretched in the starting position allowing it to contract with greater force. Preacher curls will emphasize the short head of biceps, improving thickness in a front double bicep pose, by taking the long head out of the movement (to an extent).


Read that OP, it's a decent start.


.... Excuse me? How is this dumb? different mechanisms hit same region of a muscle and people think different... people need to know and I WOULD LOVE to know that what exact exercises and specific movement targets what region of a certain muscle this way hitting each region in a workout... rather then be misguided... and when i said upper and lower i was giving an example hence EXAMPLE of the bicep..

yeah I will read it and i will comment back on my reply with it bro! thanks big guy...

btw where in NY you from?


Do you have perky tits and a vagina? If not, then don't worry about it...


I forgot to add no homo.. but enough said. where can I get a diagram of the muscle and what exercises hit each region of a muscle ?


I still stand by what I said, though I came off as harsh and I do apologize moe because there's nothing wrong with inquiring about anything, which we all do.

But your muscles contract as a unit. Your short head doesn't contract independently from your long head in your biceps. No muscle acts that way. The only people who should worry about that are the ones who have tons of muscle already. I don't worry about which head gets hit with this exercise or that because I know if my muscle is contracting, then the whole thing is.

If you're putting up appreciable numbers for certain exercises (say barbell curls), it really doesn't matter which head receives more stimulus, because both are.

Again sorry about my attitude.


It's better to put weekly/monthly tension and overload on a region on a muscle...

For example:

if you just do different movements exercises that work on the bicep, but unintentionally towards the "the short head" of the bicep that gives you the peak.. and people aren't aware and continue to do so... and 6-8months in the longrun when they relax their longhead their arm looks like crap.. and the neglect the long head of the bicep. more tension should be targeted in all regional areas of a muscle group.. like abs... there is multiple regions so you can get that washboard abs..


I know what you mean.
It may be a good idea to vary your exercises for thighs and so on, but I've been lifting for over 10 years and still don't do anything for my biceps other than DB and BB curls, well those and chin ups, but what I mean is there's very little need for many of us to worry about the different heads of each arm muscle and so on.


You're not completely wrong but you ain't really right.

This is the bodybuilding forum, and we are all running out of time.

Its stupid to avoid the pec deck completely till you're benching some random numbver of plates,a ssuming you want to have nice pecs. If your pecs grow easily, you may not need to..again for somone with good bicep genetics (like Dickbag on this site), a single curlign movement for thickness is all thats needed. Not so for everyone else.

if you genetically have bad rear delts, you don't avoid rear delt raises just because Dante promised you that a 700 pound rack deadlift (or whatever) will do much more than a rear delt raise with a light weight. you want rear delts and they don't grow easily, TRAIN FUCKING REAR DELTS separately.

you start SPECIALIZING once you have sufficient development, but thats not the same as avoiding special movements for certain body parts.

There are meat and potatoes exercises, and there are other movements you need to work out for yourself. Else you run a chance of being a stocky 35-40 year old guy with a barrel chest, narrow back, rolled up traps, drooping pecs, puny arms, etc..because at that stage there IS nothing you can do about it.

Again, we're all against a running clock. You, need to realize that this ids a BODYBUILDING forum.


That said, the OP's PRIME focus should be overall development.


You're making it sound like you can relax your long head independently of your short head, which cannot happen. True, an exercise can target a portion of a muscle greater than the other, but....

1) If you don't have much muscle mass, thats just focusing on the wrong things.

2) The "emphasis" on the target portion is probably negligible, meaning that though one head can be stressed more than the other, its probably not a huge difference.

I think a good example for this is Prof X. He has a forum in the T Cell called Quad Overhang or something like that. In it he asks others the best way to develop the Vastus Medialis portion of his quads. Because he has tons of mass on him, thats a reasonable question and he has enough mass on him to make it noticeable when there is a muscular imbalance or when one has to be brought up. But do you think he did an exercise for each head of his quads when he began lifting? I don't think so.

You or I, or most others here for that matter have no business trying to hit one portion of a muscle over another.


While your right you cant directly relax certain parts of your body such as the bicep longhead, when doing isolation excercises form can cause muscle imbalances that force you to focus on certain parts on a muscle more so then others.

From a bodybuilding standpoint say your constantly doing widegrip ez bar curls, your inner bicep will look great and a double bicep pose will also look great. But when you do a reverse double bicep, side chest, or most muscular your bicep will probably be lacking.

Which its why its important for someone to know when there asking themselves at the gym "why am i growning here and not here" it would be like not knowing the difference between incline to a flat bench press.

Even a beginner or someone whos just working out to look better can benefit from this because it will teach more discipline and a better mind muscle connection. For instance when your doing skull crushers i really try and picture my long head contracting which allows me to get a better feel for what does and what does not work.

If Im doing another excercise with poor form lets say that also works the tricep long head, and I cant get a good pump or feeling of contraction, I know I should either try to have someone watch my form, lower the weight, or maybe drop the excercise until my supporting muscles can help me benefit from it better.

So while you may not benefit from it, because not everyone does, the OP will benefit from it even if hes not going to use it because he atleast has the knowledge to be a smarter bodybuilder.


Do you want something like this: www.exrx.net/Lists/Directory.html

Or like this: www.exrx.net/Lists/MMale.html

On the 2nd one click the body part.


Early on I did this.. Pick one movement for a body part. Do only that movement for a training day. See whats sore after two days.

ie. Mix that in your normal training. Say you do Back and Biceps. Do your normal back work than pick a biceps exercise say Barbell curls with a certain grip and do all your sets like that. If you normally do X sets for biceps do them all with that exercise.

Next time use a different grip or different exercise like hammer curls or what ever. Continue until you have it figured out. Do this with all body parts. Once you have one down pick another muscle group. Keep your own log and now you have a great reference.


In MOST cases, not all, it really boils down the the mind-muscle connection you have in order to hit the different muscles more so than a specific exercise for specific muscle in a group.

Just my opinion.


Oh and I did this with a girl who had very poor back strength and back pain from a accident. I made a program for her really aiming at specific exercises that targeted different back muscles so she was not hitting each muscle twice a week. So she would overall improve strength and not have imbalances. Doctors were having a hard time targeting the source of her pain.

Yes I am aware that the entire back is used in high percentage of back exercises but you get the idea of what I was trying to achieve with her.

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