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Is There a Big Difference Between EOD and ED Injections

So EOD was like going to get a massage and the masseuse is a hot chick. Switching to ED at first was like that hot chick left the room only for her to return topless with a bottle of baby oil saying “someone’s about to get a happy ending”.


The only time I’ve ever had anxiety was when I did too much cocaine a few times and slightly when I was on Wellbutrin. The main difference for me is energy and just feeling better overall on daily shots.

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I understand that analogy perfectly.

In that scenario this is trenbolone acetate:

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Lol. I used to make that shit. We called it Fina. It came as bovine pellets that you’d have to do a bunch shit to to suspend in oil. Never tried it myself but saw others try it and fuck that… Every one of them was single within 6 weeks because no girl could be around them.

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I’m def one that feels peaks and valleys , my brother can take one 250 mg shot a week and doesn’t faze him , I can “ feel “ peaks in my levels even on twice weekly dosing , so far eod has def helped but I also dropped my dose but I have noticed significantly less anxiety and palpitations

Sounds to me like you executed the perfect strategy based on the symptoms you are experiencing.

U know I’ve been doing this for 20 odd years and never once has a doc suggested Ed or Eod dosing , I have a great relationship with my doc but I wish I would have been more proactive in my treatment thru the years vs blindly following dr orders

And I’m actually following what u suggested so many thanks

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Docs (for the most part) only know what they are taught and most aren’t on TRT themselves. Then you have the possible liability of them advising protocols that the medical field hasn’t recommended possibly putting them at fault if things don’t go great. Them there’s the fact that their really isn’t much money in TRT if that’s not your primary focus.


Every day may be better. Or, you may not notice any difference from EOD. When I switched from E3.5 days to EOD, with the same weekly dose(200mg), it took a good 9 weeks before I felt best. For almost 2 months on EOD, it seemed like I noticed that I felt slightly worse on injection days, while I felt really good on non-injection days. After about 8-9 weeks I felt really good all the time. And I noticed a “sense of well-being” that I’d never noticed before. But that may be due to stopping the anastrozole poison, and letting my body regulate E2 conversion on its own.

I’m giving eod at least 9 - 12 weeks before deciding whether to try Ed , if I feel any better than I am now I will stay were I’m at , even starting this new protocol it feels good not to “ feel the shot “ every time

That’s the thing with me. I never feel the shot. Every day feels the same way. On weekly or even biweekly I felt that shot. I could almost tell when my next shot day was just by the way I felt… It was so odd. That’s gone now.

Yeah I agree , drs are scared to step outside the box for fear of being sued , I love my drs and wouldn’t dream of changing but I’m beginning to realize my health is my responsibility and to think for myself when it comes to my body