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Is There a Big Difference Between EOD and ED Injections

I switched to eod injections from twice a week and already feel like this is a big step in the right direction , only been a week so I’m def going to stick with it for at least 8 to 12 weeks but wondering if ed would be even better

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There was a pretty big difference for me. I did EOD for quite a while ands switched to daily. The first month or two I felt a little worse on daily before feeling better. Stick with EOD for a while so you know for sure how you feel on it so when you do try daily shots you’ll be able to compare.

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What @dextermorgan just said. Give it a good 8 weeks. Log the results. Then try daily for 8 weeks and log the results. Then compare and decide which of the two was best for you.

Appreciate it , I think I’m def gonna try it

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It depends on the type of Test… For Propionate, there is a definite difference between ed and EOD in the favour of higher frequency… With test cyp or test enanthate, I really don’t think there is any proof to suggest any sort of advantage to having daily injections beyond the second or third week… By week five you have stable blood saturation wether your pinning every day, second day, third day, or arguably even every forth day…

Probably should stay with it for now. If you’re not happy with the results, change. Some report doing better with twice weekly vs weekly dosing. I think very few, except maybe those on the internet forums, need more frequent dosing. But, I see zero harm in trying. I went with every two and a half days myself for three months. Felt no difference. Went to twice weekly for another three months, no difference. Once a week is fine for me. Absolutely go with what works best for you.

I’m waiting for someone doing daily injections to try twice daily (scrotal creams are often used 2x/day) to see if they feel even better. Then, every eight hours.
Reminds me of the competitive weightlifting/AAS days. If 40mg Dianabol increased your lifts, would 50mg would make you even stronger, 60mg, 70mg? Where do you draw the line?

Strength is a greedy mistress. The same could be said for the benefits of TRT. You feel good, so you know TRT works, now, it’s can it make me feel even better if I change something?

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So to be clear here: You felt good on EOD, switched to ED injections but felt worse for 8 weeks, and then felt BETTER than you did 8 weeks prior on EOD?

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Surely the answer to this depends on your SHBG production?

I’m on the start of a journey and no expert- but from what little I’ve read and picked up thats GOT to be a big factor in the frequency puzzle and why some guys can tolerate bigger peaks and troughs.

Not a one size fits all thing?

Not necessarily.

Definitely. It’s not one size fits all. Some guys with low SHBG do fine with weekly dosing. A few with higher levels do better with twice weekly. I have several single digit SHBG guys who do very well with once weekly 200mg injections.

ED vs EOD is such a minute difference in testosterone levels in blood plasma. Here is 105 weekly plotted ED and the EOD:

11.03 mg peak vs 10.29 mg trough released per day:

11.83 mg peak vs 9.6 mg trough released per day:

There are times that it really boils down to how much they can inject all at once. I’m an example of this. If I inject anything above 150mg all at once it affects my sleep. I’ve been thinking lately that weekly dose for me probably isn’t as much of a concern as is injecting too much at once. I did an experiment (that didn’t last long) for the YouTube channel taking 500mg a week and I split it into three 165mg injections a week. Sleep got affected almost immediately. I wonder now had I taken 70mg daily shots if it would have been more tolerable.

I’ve seen plenty of guys be able to successfully raise their weekly dose simply by splitting up the injections more, compared to once a week or even twice a week. I don’t think it strictly has to do with ‘keeping serum levels stable’.

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That spreadsheet is fantastic! Where can I find that?

Good point and something to keep in mind.

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Again guys… You gotta keep in mind that the vast majority hop on to weekly shots, feel great, and we never hear from them again. All these strategies we discuss here are often for those guys where starting dosing protocols don’t work. That’s when you gotta get a bit more fancy sometimes.

Problem is, most guys are waiting to feel like superman and when it doesn’t happen they over analyze everything trying to figure out what they need to change in their protocol.


I get that. But if a guy is going to continue to feel like shit for 8-12 weeks on ED while he waits for his new protocol to normalize thats a long time to wait if he already feels like shit on EOD. My point is that it’s probably not the timing as much as it is something else that needs attention. Some guys are looking to fine tune before they even get the basics settled. I dont recall anyone FIXING their protocol by moving from EOD to ED. But move a guy from 100mg a week to 60mg E3D and you may see a profound difference in that man.

I’ve seen a handful improve doing from EOD to daily… But this is such a small adjustment that it doesn’t take 8 weeks. The 8 weeks, for me, is a significant weekly dose adjustment or getting off an AI. Outside of those, you can figure out things within a couple of weeks, typically.


But when OP asks, is there a “Big Difference” between ED and EOD?

Usually, no. For the guys who are super prone to anxiety and can only handle low doses, yes. This is a fraction of the population. For guys wanting to do frequent injections, in my opinion EOD is more than sufficient and they won’t see much, if any benefit doing daily.

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