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Is There a Better Deadlift Routine?

On my deadlift day after i warm up. I start my set at 400 pounds for ten and do my final set for 450 pounds. my best was 8 reps. I want to get 450 for ten. My ultimate goal is 600 pound deadlift. Is there a faster way to get there?

5x5, Westside, etc. Especially if you’ve been doing the higher reps for a while.

Ed Coan is my personal favorite deadlift specialization program.

If you want to get your deadlift 1RM higher, then doing sets of 8-10 is going to do relatively little compared to singles, doubles, triples. Try looking up Westside and similar. Also with 8 reps with 450, you are probably very close to your goal of 600 pounds.

[quote]getfast24 wrote:
Also with 8 reps with 450, you are probably very close to your goal of 600 pounds. [/quote]

One way you might try:
week1, warm up then 450x10
week2, warm up then 470x8
week3, warm up then 490x6
week4, warm up then 510x4
week5, warm up then 515x3 (hopefully not balls to the wall)
The stick with 3 reps till you cant get them, rest for 10-14 days and go for a max, along these lines:

Good luck

Personally I don’t think westside is the way to go if you want to concentrate on deads
Definately look up some Coan programs

For me personally, REALLY regular deadlifting (with different variations like rack pulls, sumo/conventional, from a deficit etc) is what helps add weight to the bar
Although I know some people, for example those that use westside, train deads infrequently but do lots of box squats or similar
Take what I say with a pinch of salt though because I don’t have a significantly bigger deadlift than you

smolov squat cycle. except with deads instead of squats. chaos ensues.

Is the Ed Coan routine a once a week thing? Heavy and speed and assistance work all in one day a week?



Oh, duh, I was at that site and just didn’t read it very thoroughly. Thanks!

‘Westside’ is the name of a gym in Ohio…sort of tiresome when everyone invokes the name like it’s a panacea to everyone’s strength issues. It really isn’t…

Any way, my best advice (I’m a high-500’s deadlifter, chasing 600 in comp early next year,) is:

-Pull once a week
-Cycle your intensity
-Never pull for more than 5 reps
-Pause your reps on the ground
-Don’t work up to a max single more than once every 6 weeks, preferably less frequently than that…it takes a lot out of you
-Do some front squats and train your abs hard

Good luck


I’ve brought my deadlift from 528 to 594 lbs within 3 months using olympic pulls and sometimes good mornings, I was only deadlifting 1 time a month. That one time I always aimed for a new 1rm. Try searching for ‘progressive pulls’.
Deadlifting every week will break me up, instead I’d rather do less demanding exercizes.