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Is There a 700lbs Deadlift Thread Yet?


I didn't see one...anyone want to hop in here?


I'm in.

My best deadlift to date was 625 @ the LexenXtreme Open in March. I'm looking to hit 700 before the end of the year


My best is a gym lift of 615, full equipment. I should have a raw or single ply lift posted at a meet next month. Bodyweight 235ish right now. You?

Post any/all PR's - increases. This should be fun.


I was raw - belt only. That was at a body weight of 274. Looking to compete again maybe in December or early next year.


I'm in too. Hit 650 as Raw 242 (weighed 234) Submaster at IPA NE Revolution meet on March 26th in Rhode Island. Aiming for 685+ at a July 30th IPA Meet.


Pulled this over the weekend.


Didn't work --


RAW...you guys are beasts. So Mike you're doing the Europa?

That 715 was FAST!...jesus.


Yeah it was, holy shit


What that guy said


Yes...right now I'm stuck not sure if I'm gonna do a Raw full power with a 1600 total in mind or if I'm just gonna stop delaying the inevitable of going equipped and do an equipped push/pull. If everything goes perfect maybe a full power in multi-ply. Either way can't wait. Can always fall back on one last raw meet though if necessary. And damn, that was a very fast 715.


Mike - I take it you're in Conn? Where do you train? Those are really impressive RAW numbers. I was thinking about doing the Europa but I need to unfuck my training and get my shit straight. I've heard there are a handful of guys from Total Performance competing at the Europa, pretty sure they are all in the 220's.


Since my Bench sucks and I never really knew how to train bench I was fortunate enough to get in with some awesome benchers at Ocean State in Rhode Island. Otherwise I do all my squat and deadlift training at a commercial gym (World's) in Norwich, CT. Although I might start squatting at Ocean State or even Strength and Health in Rhode Island as well.


I'll hop in. Best so far is 600lbs but I'll be pulling a PR this saturday.


I'm in.

PR in gear was a few months ago, 600... this weekend I should hit 600 raw, and I usually get a good bit from my gear.... I hope to hit it this summer.

I will PM the vids as I don't want them on the open forum, so I can protect my identity.


i've hit 705 sumo but recently switched to conventional. after two months of pulling conventional i pulled 660 at my last meet. hopefully i'll hit 700 at my next meet, so i'm in.

that was the fastest raw 715 pull i've ever seen. looked like warmup weight. can only imagine what he would pull in gear..damn.


I may as well put this myth to rest... I do in fact have a suit on in that video (Inzer Max DL)

Although it is a nice thought :wink:


Best pull so far is 685, a couple weeks ago...shotting for 700 very soon. Already tried it once, just broke it a couple inches off the ground then ti stopped :frowning:


I'll join in even though I am way behind everyone else. How long have you guys been training?