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Is the Use of Cash on the Rise?


I've noticed in my business more and more customers are paying with hard cash for alot of purchases and fees. Noticed the same thing when i'm out shopping, people paying by cash and check everywhere.

Does the use sudden use of more cash cause the money to be used up quicker and the printing presses will have to run hot to keep replacing used up money? Is that one of the reasons the fed is printing so much new paper money? Is there even a correlation?


The fed always prints money to keep up with it as it wears out. I see more people using cash and I do the same myself when possible. So I have to walk up to the gas station attendant and MANUALLY fork over the greens.



People are using cash as apposed to credit? Don't forget even debit/check cards are cash even though it doesn't seem that way.

If people have turned to cash it is because they do not have credit t use any more. This is a good thing. Cash cannot be "used up" -- it is simply being transfered from one owner to an other.


The black economy is a cash economy.

Mebbe they have "forgotten" to report everything they earned and want to spend their money without a paper trail?


Possibly. But more likely, people want to feel the physical money flowing out. It makes you so much more conscious of your finances and purchases when using cash. I feel this is why more cash is used now. Less credit, people paying off cards setting budgets etc...

Cash IMO is and always will be King.


Frankly the next power grab I predict with my super psychic abilities is the attempt to abolish cash.

They already monitor all financial transactions in order to "fight" problems they created themselves, like terrorism and organized crime, to simply get rid of cash would hit all the areas they do not yet control.


Rest assured your powers are correct. Cash will be phased out and everything will become electronic. Maybe not in our lifetime, but in our kids kids lifetime it may happen.