Is the UK Steroid Shop Really Legit?

Hi guys i just simply have no luck i wanted to get some testosterone cypinat and i got 4 vials plus some others and it cost me little over 500 and i got it from uk staroid shop and i think i got burnt its
been a little over 24hrs and i have no email or nothing except the bitcoin i had to use did anyone els use this place because hear is where i got the recommendation i cant find a doctor that will prescribe it so i got to get it another way my old contact is gone and i need it now i just want to know frome someone truly is the uk staroid shop ligit i thought it waas

4 vials of test hould cost like $100 US unless your vials resemble beakers. IDK what else you got, but that price makes me question its authenticity.

If you bought it from a .com source, chances are you got burnt OR are getting under-dosed gear.

Also, if their website has spelling/grammar like yours, I’d be HIGHLY suspect… Get it HLPC tested before you find yourself injecting someone’s bath water.

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Agreed with above. Go to a forum that has verified sources with lab reviews. Test UGL is like $25-30/10ml vial at 200-250mg/ml.

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I know and understand I had a pls sorce and I even asked him why don’t you let me know where to go from here and i wont have to bother you. But i guess he liked the extra money he got from being a middle man but hes since gone. Its hard to even trust reviews because thay can come frome the domain.

Andrew j Opalko ( tru-line pavement marking )

Its all trial and error i guess

My old friends at the gym were cycling and making massive gains, fast. Real fast.
They got me interested and I asked some questions and check out their gear.
Homebrew meds in clear vials, that was it.

You made an account just to tell us that you weren’t interested in using your friend’s homebrewed steroids…?

Pretty much.

Might be injecting someones bathwater, right?

Homebrew they ordered premixed in vials online might I add.

Wow that’s horrible I would of been pissed

Andrew j Opalko ( tru-line pavement marking )