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Is the T-Dawg Diet Right for Me?


I'm new at T-Nation and could use some help , well actually alot . I'm a 23yr old male 5'7 , 245 pounds been chubby most of my life and I need a change . I've just started the T-Dawg diet today and all my workout consist of is squats , bench and deadlifts . Could anyone tell me if the T-Dawg diet is right for me and help me out with a workout routine that could help me lose weight and gain muscle . max bench 185 pretty sad the rest not sure .


More than anything for you at this point its about being consistant. Its about making sure ya get into the gym everyday,that your eating 5-8 times a day and making the proper food choices. Vrooms beginners thread is a damn good place to start. Go ahead and check it out.

As far as the T- Dawg. I think its as good of a plan as any to start shedding some pounds and building a decent base.


First record everything that you eat and drink to see where your at as far as caloric intake.

I would start off by just simply makeing better food choices: chicken,turkey,meat,fish,nice protein powder,flax seed meal, nuts, natural peanut butter, any green vegtables.

Try to cut out most sugar sources like high gi foods. White bread and rice, potateos, pasta, anything in a box basically Aim for about
300g protein, 100g good fats,80g carbs(+/- depending on workout).

For lifing keep it simply with heavy weights and big compound movements. If you have energy throw in some high intensity cardio, sled dragging sandbags and other things to lift and carry are good work to do into between main workouts.

Expect around 3-4 pounds of fat loss at first maybe more and then around 2-3 pounds of fat loss a week if you are consistent.


Dietwise, I'd agree that making good food choices is key. The principals of the T-Dawg diet are quite simple. Lower than maintainence calories, and reduced carbs. I've been doing basically the T-Dawg for about a month, and have had good results. It's fairly liberal with your food choices. Alot of it may have to do with how regimented you need your diet to be to stick with it. I don't have alot of trouble with eating almost the same thing every day ( with marginal variation ), so I can stick to a fairly regimented diet without too much problem. Some people NEED more variety, and then, may have problems sticking with good food choices.

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search for and check out shug's FFB (former fat boy) article. it outlines everything from the type of fooods you should be eating, when to eat them, and the type of workouts you should be doing, as for the t-dawg diet, i've never tried it, but everyone who has on T-Nation has nothing but good things to say about it.


You sound like your workout "only" being deads, squats and bench is a bad thing.

Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. Read around here a lil bit and find some other fun stuff to do too, like lunges, military press, snatches and rows.


I like to DO snatches too...sorry I couldn't help myself!

T-Dawg is an awesome diet, so is the Velocity if you can stomach shakes all day for 3 or 4 weeks..however Velocity is really hardcore for someone who is just making the shift. You'll experience great amounts of fat loss, but it is hard, and the trick is not going into a carb induced coma upon completion.

As for now, learn from the Dawg, and then shift to something a little more hardcore once you get the hang of things.

Good Luck!