Is the Proper Pellet Protocol?

First, thank you guys for always being a great resource. It’s been a long while since I logged in, but reading these posts again reminded me how helpful everyone was when I started TRT 6 years ago.

Like I said I’ve been on TRT for six years and always IM injections. A few months ago a buddy asked me about TRT and I told him as much as I knew. He recently went ahead and did it but chose pellets. I understand the issues around pellets and they aren’t popular here, but he did what he did. I’ll point him here later.

My question is about the protocol he was given by his doctor. In addition to the pellets he was given DIM ( Diindolylmethane) which is an over the counter supplement that I think is supposed to keep estrogen levels under control. I know his labs will tell if this is effective, but is the use of DIM something you guys have heard of as an alternative to an AI like Arimidex? The little I could find about DIM and TRT did seem to coincide with pellet treatment.

Also, won’t he need HCG to avoid testicular shrinkage?

Thanks guys!

Using DIM doesn’t lower estrogen, it help with metabolizing it, so labs won’t show whether or not if it’s working. The patient will be able to tell a difference, usually a libido increase.

Some guys don’t have major testicles shrinkage on TRT and some guys just don’t tolerate HCG at all, for some men HCG is for cosmetics.

You friend will likely experience low points as the pellets wear off as I’m sure you are aware.

Pellet doctors will most likely always suggest DIM to counteract the (typical) increase in Estrogen.

Yes, DIM works for most people. I switched to a different DIM than my doctor was suggesting because it was a better product; and I have adjusted the amount that I take depending on what my labs look like.

Oh, I am on pellets - and update my story at least every month.