Is the product Cutting gel all its cut out to be?

I have been doing some research on a product I have recently heard about but haven't seem to have any luck. This stuff is supposed to get you ripped by dissolving extra suface body fat wherever you rub it in. I first read about this substance made from 100% Epidril solution, it is called CUTTING GEL. I have asked around at a variety of nutrition stores and no one seem's to of heard of it. This stuff is only availible on the internet and I wanted to know if this stuff could really be all it's said to be. Or if anyone has tried to use this stuff. 

It could work, but more research needs to be done. Why don’t you buy a tube and apply it to only one side of your body, and see if you can notice a difference by the time it runs out?

I applied it about 10 times on the end of my Fast Fast. Can’t really see any difference but hard to tell. I’d say its not worth it. Even if it does work the effects are not too dramatic.