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Is the One Day Arm Cure only for arms?

I’ve been thinking a lot about trying something along the lines of Poliquin’s recommendations. I am wondering, however, if these principles are applicable to other muscle groups. For instance, calves and forearms are both stubborn that can handle increased training frequency; would they be good candidates? As much as I dislike the source, I was interested in reading about Joe Weider’s old “Shock Bomb” technique for bringing calves and forearms up to par. In this approach, he recommends 8-10 mini-workouts per day (each with 3-4 sets) for a week. Granted, several days of this is definitely too much by today’s standards, but could a modified 1-2 day approach be effective? I know I’d be willing to do it for some size on my calves. Anyone ever used the One Day Arm Cure for anything other than arms?

I used the one day chest cure that is listed in a question of strength did it this past christmas eve and it worked wonders in increasing my strength but added no size and made me sore as hell. My bench jumped up like 5 pounds my next chest workout and kept raising for like 2 weeks afterwards.