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Is the New Forum View Permanent?


Previously, each sub-forum would have a listing of the 3 most recently posted topics. At present, that has been replaced by a right hand side column of all the most recently posted topics.

Is that a permanent change, or is there a way to revert back to the previous view? I found the latter more convenient.


I too liked it better the other way. This is pretty inefficient.


Glad I wasn’t the only one. I’m going to interpret the lack of response as an indication that this is the way things are going to be, as that usually is how it goes on the forum feedback sub-forum. It’s unfortunate, as the mobile doesn’t even get the “latest topic” sidebar, but it’s not my website and it’s free, so I don’t really have a leg to stand on.


Yeah, I use my phone also. We can always hope they will put back :angry:


Consider this another vote for “the old way” … I liked seeing the first couple of threads in each category as opposed to a bunch of threads In categories I dont care about.


Yeah, another old vote here.

Then again, I miss the black and red forum…


I can’t see what the advantage is with the most recent change. It just seems like features were taken away.


I, too, miss the old view where the three newest blogs displayed under the topic header. I read largely on an iPhone and the new change just adds extra steps for me. What was the reasoning behind the change?


Definitely better the other way, but my guess is that the old way shows the lack of new posts in many of the forums. It was easy to see if you came here a few times a day, that only a couple of the forums were getting action. For many of the forums the ‘top 3’ posts were days/weeks old and inactive.

This new format gives the illusion of lots of action on the boards by only listing the few ‘active’ topics.


It took me a little while to notice the change myself, as I have the Latest page as my primary screen, but I do know what you’re referring to.

I have to hear back about the why/how, but forum changes are meant to be improvements overall. Pretty sure they can’t be reversed or adjusted individually, but I’ll double-check.


That makes a lot of sense. It is sad how forums are something of a dying medium with social media being so huge.



It’s a sad irony in that, by trying to attract more attention, they’re actually alienating the very people who make this forum such an interesting place for discussion and debate.


What I’m finding is now I look less and less at the sub-forums which are out of my normal comfort zone. I used to at least look at the Olympic, Conditioning, PWI stuff. Now since I can’t see what’s going on I won’t give it the time of day. This is especially the case with mobile.


It’s rather ironic; in an attempt to hide the lack of activity on the forums, they have created circumstances resulting in even less activity. I find myself posting less, despite my best efforts to keep things afloat.


Ironic indeed. If they’re wanting more activity, mods could create topics of their own in the less active forums to stimulate activity. Could be tips, highlights, thought experiments, etc.


Activity is, measurably and objectively, not decreasing. Pretty much all activity - new topics, new members joining, overall replies, etc. - is steadily on the rise.

I understand that it might feel or seem like things are slow in some forums more than others but, speaking as someone who can see the actual data behind the scenes, the forum is on track in the big picture.

If the mods did start creating threads to spur activity, you really don’t think people would start complaining, “See, this place is so dead they have to have the mods post just to get a discussion going”. C’mon. I get what you’re saying, but I believe that would be a quick walk into a no-win situation.


For the most part I was saying inflammatory things because it seems like that is the only way to get responses in the feedback subforum sadly, but that’s keen to know. I assume that it won’t ever be reversed and it is for the reasons we have concluded?


I believe the change is permanent, yes. The reason being, it’s intended to be an improvement overall (much like the site redesign itself months ago).


I imagine the specifics of how it will do that are not up for discussion?


I use my phone and having to open all the threads individually to see if there is any new posts chews up my data package. I just don’t like it! It’s no fun this way.