Is the Killing Fat Program Right for Me?

I have your killing fat book and want to get started right away getting rid of my stubborn fat. I work long hours as A trucker spending a lot of time going in and out of ports then I’m home with my 5 kids so gym time is hard to get. I do have a Bowflex blaze home gym and want to ask if using this for the killing fat program would be sufficient?

I’ve had good results with substituting a Bowflex machine for conventional exercises. Doing so should work fine in the Killing Fat plan.

Great! then I’ll get started right away today. Any other tips or pointers you can give? I spend a lot of my day in a semi in and out of ports so I don’t have time or a place to heat up meals and pack rather light foods such as granola/protein bars, sports drinks (vitamin water) a fruit or two and water. Are there any meals that can be made quickly to accompany me while at work?