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Is the Hip Flexor Stretch Serious?


i know there is another thread about the stretch. but i dont know what is going on with that guy.
anyway i mean from the recent article about fixing injuries. the experts recomended doing very long duration hip flexor stretches to fix anterior pelvic tilt. it is odd because previously only a fifteen second stretch was recomended. i am sure you are all aware. so i have been working up to the twenty minutes per leg twice a day. i am on thirteen minutes per leg.

but i have never been very sure about the form. i suppose the specifics are inside one of cressey's/robertson's books. i am not sure which. hopefuly not the very expensive one.
the stretch that is pictured has the person with no support, but when i do it i have to have both arms supported. how else can a person relax for extended periods? if there is too much weight on the muscle or it needs to keep balance then it will tense up and you cant stretch it.

i'd like to know that i am doing it right because i am sacrifincing my knee. my left one is messed up. i wear a hard shelled knee pad and have some soft towels. the outside of my left quad is numb like i put a cold compress on it.


6 of 1, half dozen of the other... I was after more info too (I don't "know what's up with [me]" either. I'm not sure if mine is simply flexors (probably IT Band, TFL, etc.) which is why I attempted to describe some of the symptoms I have. If you get any tips, let me know. I can't do 13 minutes, I'm at about 3, and I have to have some arm support too. I find it a b* to get out of that position (like I can't put any weight on that leg at first) once I've been hanging out there a few minutes, you?!


getting out of the stretch position did hurt, but not anymore. except my left knee hurts now.
also i dont get your weird coded first sentence. almost seems like a proverb


so..i guess not many even do it