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Is the Frequency Method (aka Grease the Groove) Useful for Hypertrophy?

First, to state the obvious: food is very important for eliciting hypertrophy. Regarding the topic question, let’s say I set the goal to complete a total of 250 reps of dips and pull-ups each for the week.

For the purposes of hypertrophy, would it be more efficient to spread the reps throughout the week (e.g. 20 in morning and evening each day) or have dedicated training sessions (e.g. 250 reps spread over 2-3 workouts)?

The remainder of training consists of two barbell days (press/front squats and deadlift/bench press) and light conditioning (weighted vest walk, easy run, 10,000 steps in a day, etc).

Hormones are the most useful for hypertrophy

If not on roids, best bet is getting stronger on a large variety of exercises. No need for excessive volume.

What you wrote will not really change anything in my opinion, do whatever feel the best.