Is the DNC Unfairly Targeting the Sanders Campaign?

[quote]Zeppelin795 wrote:[/quote]

Hey Zep I think we all know that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is deeply in love with Hillary Clinton. I’m guessing there isn’t any law she wouldn’t break to hand Hillary the White House.

Are they giving Bernie crap, might be. But if he was a real threat to Hillary they’d be all over him like stink on a monkey.

Uh huh…

He should feel lucky they are just playing favorites. Ole Killary makes Lady MacBeth look like June Cleaver.

[quote]SkyzykS wrote:
He should feel lucky they are just playing favorites. Ole Killary makes Lady MacBeth look like June Cleaver.[/quote]

Ha ha Sky I love the comparison

I really do think the DNC is trying to prop up Hillary. I’ve also noticed that she’s mostly been thrown softballs during the debates. Ultimately, I think this will hurt her a lot more than help. I’ve seen Hillary learning some things from the primaries, but without any real contenders and the media being so easy on her I’m not sure if she’ll be as ready as she should for the general.

She has a real contender in Sanders. She may be the Establishments favorite but Bernie is the peoples favorite. This is the main reason why he doesn’t get the press coverage as most other candidates

It’s a sad day when Bernie Sanders is someone’s champion…

to many people looking at our failed politicians
so ,bernie gets a toehold
if dnc wants hillary in they got to get rid of bernie

side note trumps an asshole but he would be our asshole
at this time[ failed politicians ]
probably only way to go

It’s a sad day when Donald Trump is someone’s champion…

its a sad day when with the choices we have,
trump is probably the best choice
may be that will shake up the upcoming politicians

Trump is the worst choice on the Republican side.

the rest seem weak
if trump makes a good showing or wins nomination,upcoming politicians might get off their ass and learn something
i dont think any of the canidates on either side are good for the country

Ya, they’ll learn you don’t need to have any plans or even make sense. You just have to be obnoxiously loud. Being a celebrity doesn’t hurt either.

This (Trumpification) has been brewing for years, with establishment Republicans making false promises to get elected only to do their own bidding once they get into office.

When you look at things that Trump taps into, that elicit a vile hatred among the electorate, are mostly issues that the people were never had a say about. Accepting so much open immigration, continuous political correctness to the point of insanity, weak national security, the list goes on… it was only a matter of time for someone to base their platform on all that.

I have no idea what kind of president Trump would make, but he is running a stellar campaign so far, but then again Obama ran a great campaign too only to shit the bed once he got into the White House.


that is exactly what i am saying

I just saw Ol Donald is at it again with Megyn Kelly, very Presidential…

Its not a big deal in my opinion, Donald is letting you know he is an asshole on the front end rather than the back.