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Is The BIG 1 Coming?


Lots of seismic activity in the last few weeks. Is the BIG 1 coming or are a lot of T-Nation people just dropping their lifts?


The big one is always coming. The last earthquake I was in, my head got smacked into the wall pretty good. I moved to the midwest and far prefer the tornadoes over the quakes.

Or maybe Prof X is lifting extra heavy. I noticed a little quake in Texas.


They have been saying that shit for years, and if you are from here, no earthquake is worth shit unless its above a 5.0 in my book.


I feel the same way about hurricanes. A cat 3 or below is just an excuse for a day off work and a party.


Man. We don't get natural disasters here. Seems like we're missin out.


Yup, I have been living in SF all my life, so small earthquakes are nothing unless they are above 5.0. The news says that the BIG 1 is coming in the "next 30 yrs" and they keep on saying it every time a small earth quake hits the bay area.

I remember the 89 quake...it wasn't so bad.


hahaha true that. LOL