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Is the Best Damn Workout Plan for Beginners?

Can the program be used for beginners as well? I’m looking to try the program and I’m getting my buddy to start working out and was wondering if it would be better for him to run something like starting strength or could he do your program? His main goal is to build muscle, but using rest pause training and clusters, can beginners do it and progress optimally? Thanks!

Strarting strength would be a better option to be honest. A beginner doesn’t have the experience and technical efficiency to maintain proper lifting form when working up to the level of intensity required in the “Best Damn…” program. Most can’t even work up to that level anyway.

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Okay, thanks! I have another question as well: How could one incroporate trap training, like the Wendler row? Could you just add it as a bonus exercise twice a week?

In starting strength or the best damn program?

The best damn program sir

yeah just add one trap exercise 1-2x a week. With the program you can realistically do 5-6 total exercises per workout. Not saying you should do it, and you should not go overboard, but adding a movement once in a while is fine.