Is the Anabolic Diet Right for Me?

Hey everyone. Ive been reading around for a while and i decided to join today.

I’ve been training for a little while, but before i get real serious i need to lose some body fat. Actual a lot of fat. Im about 6’1 and weigh around 280 and i wanted to lose about 30 or more pounds.

Ive been reading about the anabolic diet and i wanted to get started on it with the “Get Lean” program in Chad Waterbury’s book “Huge in a Hurry”. Will this diet help me? If so, does it work well with this program? The program focuses on losing weight without losing strength, in fact, it may help me gain strength. But is it enough to use up all the fat that i may eat on the diet?

Looking forward to some comments,

When on the anabolic diet your body uses fats as a primary fuel, thats for almost anything. walking, talking and yes most imporantly during excercise.

Read the My Experience on the anabolic diet thread. its very useful.

As for your q. good move. i say do it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I’m even more encouraged now. What your saying makes sense to me, and im currently reading the thread you mentioned.

If any one has any experiences with the “Get Lean” program please let me know, as well as any other comments regarding the diet.


Don’t know anything about your training past, but it is likely by just making your workouts more intense, adding cardio and cleaning your diet you will get results.

Not really a fan of CW myself so I can’t comment on the programs.

I started the anabolic diet recently myself and am enjoying it. I feel my body responds to it better then to what I was eating before(lots of milk). You can get the actual book from a torrent site too which might help you better in making a decision.

But like said already, when you eat that much fat, your body recognises it and knows it doesn’t need to store fat so as long as you do it right and limit your carbs(which can be hard at first) you should be fine. Personally I haven’t heard of many people going on the AD to lose weight, but its still doable.

Hmm thanks for the reply. I have the ebook version and ive skimmed through the first few chapters, and it seemed good for weight loss. Would a different diet be a wiser choice for weight loss, or should i go on with my plans and start this until i learn about other diets?

if you have the funds (money) for it then sure give it a try

getting 4000+ calories with adequate nutrition but minimal digestable carbs daily can be hard on the wallet

I’m sorta amped to get started on Thib’s new ebook. I’ve got the diet worked out and I think I’ve got a good handle on it. Found it through a thread in the bodybuilding forums.

Well i started today, wish me luck. Any tips?

Is anabolic diet for everyone? I’ve been reading quite a bit in this forum and my impression is that it can help you lose weight while building lean mass.

I’m a 33-yr-old, 5’8, scrawny ectomorph. I started training like 6 months ago - at the time I was 120 lb (yes, 120), 14% bodyfat. I followed John Berardi’s diet (splitting P+C, P+F) with around 3300 cal/day. Now I’m 135 lb, 12% bodyfat.

Will I benefit from anabolic diet?

Day 2: Its going good

Just wanted to ask, is it ok to only work out 3 times a week on this diet?

yhhh do it, work out 4 times for all we care, keep legs and back days when ur carbing up.