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Is The Anabolic Diet For Me?

hey guys i have tried the anabolic diet once before but it was a while back. i used it for cutting. but now i am looking to use it to gain muscle while keeping bodyfat the same or even lowering it. i am playing college football in the spring and im looking to gain some muscle.

i am currently 6’2 195 lbs with bodyfat around 8 or 9 %. i want to gain some more functional strength and speed and was wondering if this diet would work for me.

the only question about this diet is if the fact that i do cardio( in the form of basketball, sprinting and plyo’s) atleast every day and sometimes more would make me loose weight on this diet.

my current diet consists of a very high carb and high protien diet. i eat around every hour and a half to two hours and get around 3500-4000 calories. i have been on this diet for a while and have not seen as much gains as i would like and do not want to increase my caloires too much and put fat on. so yeah any advice on the anabolic diet or another type of diet would help. thanks.

We are exactly the same size. I was 7% when I started the AD started eating 3800 cals dropped to 190 then after to carb-ups shot up to 200 @ 10%. I cut the cals back to 3200 and am leaning back out with any loss of BW. You can make gains but be careful of the reloads because if you not you will pack on fat fast.

I’m about 2 months in. I feel way better eating this way though. No bloating, no slugishness. It’s great in that respect. It’s just hard convincing youeself eating all the fat and so little veggies is healthy. I just make sure I get a few tbsp of Olive Oil and a bunch of the free veggies