Is the Albuterol Not Working or Recomping Me?

Hey guys, first post in ANY type of forum like this.

I’m currently 2 1/2 months into a cut for my first cycle. Started at 27%bf 285lbs and I’m currently sitting at 19%bf 258lbs.

I’m one of those guys that ‘can’t lose weight’ and I had to drop my calories FAR lower than I expected/wanted but I’ve finally seen progress.

My calories are 2250/day, with 250-260g Protein. Also worth mentioning I’m on TRT and Adex for high E2 (prepubescent gyno and very low T when I got on).

For the last 3 weeks my weight hasn’t dropped below 257, and fluctuates from 257-260 every day. I train hypertrophy 4 days a week, with 20-30 minutes of running every day I train (unfortunately I have to stay cardiovascularly fit for my job. I hate running). I’ve since added Albuterol about 2 weeks ago to try and shoot me down the last couple %. Started low dose and currently at 12mg/day split 3 times per day. All doses taken with 200mg caffeine. Absolutely zero sides.

The more research I’ve done into Albuterol it seems it has the potential to recomp. Does anyone have experience with this? I’m hoping the Albuterol is recomping so and as such, the scale isn’t going down. I’m hesitant to drop my calories further at this point to avoid fucking up my metabolism. I figured another 2 weeks of stagnation and I’ll recheck my BF again (assuming I haven’t broken the plateau) and see if my % has gone down any without any weight loss.

sorry for the long winded post. I’m new to actually participating in forums and I’ve always been a lurker but I haven’t found many about Albuterol that helps.

Well, there are many factors outside just taking albuterol. You can start by checking out your thyroid stuff and blood sugar/insulin stuff.

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how tall are you?

please post a pic.


I’m 6’4. Don’t have any current pics but I’ll work on getting one that covers my numerous tattoos effectively :joy:

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I’ve checked those with my doctor pre cut and they were normal. Idk if losing weight changes that

this was not my experience.

when I use it, I take 6mg first thing in the morning with a 200mg caff tablet. then do fasted cardio. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. it’s my understanding you quickly develop a tolerance.

I do not believe it to have any benefit whatsoever.


Thanks for the info! I will say I’ve noticed a quite big endurance change both with weights and cardio but it seems like not many people have had huge luck with it. I opted for this over clen because of the potential sides with clen. I like to start things slow and easy

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I started with clen. enough people scared me into this safer cousin.

when I say no benefit that’s an exaggeration. It’s an effective stimulant.

I just can’t quantify any weight loss result based on its use.

As you said. I pedal faster, walk faster, couple extra reps.


All my tattoos are in all my pics, i am still fine, no Piggy Man in a bathroom mirror also.


my face is everywhere, hahaha. And plenty of people on here know my real name. I’ve been fine as well.


I’ve read somewhere it has something to do with beta receptor downregulation if taking salbutamol for weeks on end. This could supposedly be mitigated by introducing 1mg/day of ketotifen (an antihistamine used for asthma medication) or even benadryl. I couldn’t find anything in the literature that points to this so it could just be broscience. There are several anecdotes of this being effective on other forums.

A quote from another forum:
“Ketotifen is an antihistimine that inhibits down regulation of beta receptors, which are often degraded by fat-burners such as Albuterol and Clenbuterol.”


I thought diet/exercise did this. Doesn’t Albuterol just raise metabolism a little bit?


Diet and exercise do this, but if you read the study’s on Albuterol studies on humans, there was a certain study that when combined with 200mg caffeine, one of the human studies lost more fat and actually gained more muscle than one of the other groups of just Albuterol.


Update if anyone is reading or cares. Body weight didn’t change for 3 weeks taking albuterol with caffeine 3x per day.

HOWEVER I dropped 1.5% bodyfat and there’s minor improvements visually. At least for me it had an OK recomp affect that I’m not unhappy with.

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