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Is the Ab-Wheel Any Good?

has anyone tried it? looks hard…

why not just use a barbell?

I’m a fan. It took me several workouts to get used to, but now they’re pretty easy. I’ll be doing them with bands to get even more resistance. Just make sure you don’t hyperextend your back.

-ironman-, a barbell works great only if your weights are round. The weights at my gym are hexagonal, so moving them forward and back is a bitch.

So you won’t use weights to build your abs, but you’ll blow money on an “As seen on TV” gimmick?

I have one, and I think it wooks very well as long as you push yourself (just like anything else). I don’t think it really encompasses an entire ab routine but it is excellent for hitting the upper, middle and lower abs.

Ab wheels are great-Pavel T (the mad Russian) promotes them. They are the best cheap device on the market much better than ab rollers, rockers, etc. It can get much harder when starting from the feet as opposed to knees.

Using a barbell or stability ball are variations of that movement. Using a barbell is fine but it is much harder on he palms of the hands then the plastic handled ab wheels- but I suppose if you wear gloves that would not be an issue.

There was article about this.
Evolution of Ab Training: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_evolution_of_ab_training

Also, there was a similar topic already discussed.

However, I love working with the Ab-Wheel. Put someone on your back for resistance too! ha

[quote]Hotlover wrote:
has anyone tried it? looks hard…[/quote]

[quote]4est wrote:
Hotlover wrote:
has anyone tried it? looks hard…


That’s a great video, I’ve seen it before. I have a really nice roller I got used for a buck. I pull it out every so often. Cable crunches are my staple ab movement though.

Its part of my ab arsenal…