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Is the 7th Week Protocol Designed to Keep You Hitting High Reps?

From my understanding, the constant cycle of 7th week protocol of continuing/resetting should mostly have you at high reps for your 3rd set right? If you’re not hitting easy 5’s then recommended to reset which would naturally put your TM to something lower that you can lift more reps. I’m constantly anywhere between 10-20 reps for any one workout as my set PR. Been doing the program for about a year or so.


You’re fine. You should always be able to do around 3-5 reps with your training max. So unless you’re having an absolute shit day on your final week, you should be able to hit 5 or more reps on your 5/3/1+ set.

As far as this goes, if you don’t have a contest or anything coming up you’re better off doing this now and working more and more until these numbers become 5-8 or whatever. The longer you stay in the high rep range, the longer you can grow.