Is That Guy on Steroids? How to Know

have you seen the emails yet? It’s pretty wild. He almost certainly spent close to 15k per month on the PEDS in total, given what he posted, when you include the doctor supervision and all that. He’s almost certainly doing everything ‘above board’, paying full price for everything, no black market shit.

And ya, what CT said. He’s said publicly (and I’m inclined to believe it) that he is currently making over 100mil per year from his supplement company. He has a private chef who cooks for him at his house. His compound is ridiculous. He travels in private jets, he can pretty much do whatever the fuck he wants.

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I mean, damn. Good for him. I really wouldn’t have thought there’s that kind of money outside of starring in a superhero franchise, but I just wasn’t thinking of promoting your actual business.

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yea, the emails reveal that he was spending all this money on the drugs and his lifestyle in general BEFORE he created his internet persona. I do wonder how much money the whole ‘liverking’ show has actually made him on top of what he was already doing.

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I have never been able to take steroids because of my back. It has a yellow streak running down it.
Thank you for the pictures of overdeveloped traps and neck because that loss of a balanced look is so unattractive.

Bad article. The proper way to tell is anyone who is leaner, carries more muscle, or in any way is stronger than me. (joking)


Yes but maybe not wrong. LOL

Very true for me and would arms to that also for most lifters. I have been doing something similar to Christians high frequency program for years (took several months to fully adapt to the workload) and it works amazing well for me, probably added 10lbs lbm and I was already a very advanced lifter. I mostly do squats, SLDL, pullups and dumbbell bench.

I tried to build up my arms and delts using the most intense and difficult routines available and it was a complete waste of time. I finally stopped all direct arm work and even abandoned delt work because I saw no benefit and its hard on the shoulder joint. Really happy with my physique but a thick shoulder girdle really caps off a physique. In fact I heard a celebrity trainer say this is what they concentrate on for actors - of course we all know how they do that!


I don’t care if anyone is on any type of PED.
I care if they LIE about it.

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Junior year of hs, '96. Without even the aid of creatine, I went from 190 to 215 in 3 months. Ate(everything in sight 5000+ daily), slept, school, church, youthgroup, lifted hard 4x weekly, and ran 4x week in the mornings. Very nice gains, got to 1000 lbs club, but nothing crazy. Was that freakish?

For me, extra delt work doesn’t make sense. My shoulders get worked pretty hard with the compounds, and they are one of my more dominant muscle groups.

Arms though I have been training more with isolations lately. They lag for me, and I think I need more than just the compounds to get them really stimulated to grow.

Just sounds like puberty to me

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Nooooo, he is on raw liver, liver powder and a lot of liver pills only :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::joy:

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you got it primal

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100% Bro :rofl::joy::rofl:

And the worse thing is that this whole primal/ancestral living thing is based on a Hollywood romanticized version of ancestral and antique warriors.

Some facts:

  1. By all anthropological studies, cavemen were not big and muscular. They were fairly lean, yes (from not eating much and waking all day), and were more built like marathon/endurance athletes than lifters.

  2. Warrior nations like the Romans and the Greeks of antiquity were not, despite the CGI-enhanced/steroids-helped depictions in movies and TV series, muscular beasts. The average Roman soldier was 130-155lbs on average, on 5’6- 5’8"

  3. And what about the famed Spartans? They were just as small. Around 5’7 - 5’9" on average for 140 to 154lbs. They valued endurance, speed and agility a lot more than strength. That’s also why they did go in battle without armor (often bare-chested or even naked) : to avoid carrying any extra weight to go even faster. They were underfed, often with intakes close to starvation to stay lean and built mental toughness.

  4. But the gladiators? Ahhhh… they were a bit bigger, but they were fat. The reason is that since they had to fight frequently in one-on-one combat, they figured that carrying a layer of fat would cushion the blows and reduce the possibility of death (gladiators were slaves, and very expensive, the longer they could fight the better the investment was). Contrary to popular belief, death was not always the end of a gladiator’s fight… not even that frequently.

  5. And Vikings? They were bigger right? A bit. But still not big and muscular by our modern standards. More like 5’8" - 5’10" on average for 165-175lbs (except for fatter ones). Bigger than Romans and Greeks but not “primal huge”

  6. And even today, go look at the tribes that still live in the wild, and are truly living a primal life… none of them are muscularly huge (they do tend to be lean though)

BOTTOM LINE: NEVER throughout history has anybody been muscularly huge on a primal/ancestral life. YES, there were genetic exceptions, just like there always are. But 99.99% of those populations with not big and muscular.

So it is an impossibility that his physique was solely due to ancestral living.

Also… ancestral living in a multi-millions dollar house, a private chef and a private jet… REALLY?


What about TRT? I’m on TRT as have extremely low T due to cancer treatment when i was younger. I’m experiencing some of the symptoms above, but wouldn’t consider my case or similar examples negative, since I’m only putting something into my body that i should have naturally, but don’t.

If you are bringing yourself up to normal T levels, not levels that exceed what a natural male can reach, it doesn’t make you enhanced in your response to training.


Who cares? People can do what they want, people should worry about their own training.

Maybe it’s none of your business and people who do use them don’t want to tell you because they don’t feel like being judged by you or anyone else.