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Is Test C Every 4 Days the Best Option Ever?

Hey errybody! Im a Tnation forum virgin!

Anyhow, my urologist prescribed me 130mg test c per week. I reckon ill dose my self how I see fit up to her dose of 130mg per week. Took my first 50mg shot in the delt today. I gotta say I felt some anxiety about 2 to 3 hours in but its leveled off. No it wasnt my head I felt that sh!t!

Plan to take 50mg q 4 days. I want to do the lowest dose possible. I aint about the 3.5 life. Ill either do 3 or 4 in the morning when I wake up. Anyone want to argue bout that? Seems like the test c half life is 8 days so re-pin on day 4 sounds golden to me. Using a 1ml 25G 5/8 into the delt but will rotate muscle groups and sides.

About me - 46 year old otherwise beastly dude but have had low t since atleast 2017. I was always concerned with playin with trt but after alot of research and years of watchin my low t I decided to go with it. Im 6’1 205 run every other day 2 to 3 miles and bp 1xper week and squat about every 10 to 14 days. Ive been on a long slow decline in strength despite nearly good as it gets environmental factors (diet, consistency, sleep)

Im going for more strength but especially more libidio, im hopin to really lay some pipe! Also hopin for some decent gains but I really wont be going for PRs just solid strength gains. Anyhow, chimin in here with my q4 day pin plan. Peace!

Just keep it simple. Do every 3.5 days. Same days every week.

Like Monday am and Thursday pm. Every week.

Good luck.

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It’s hard to tell what will actu ally work for you long term, until you get into it. While e4d sounds great right now I agree that just 2 twice a week is easier M&Th or what ever. It won’t make much difference if you pin 12 hours either way. Rotating days of the week is a pain.

You get a couple of months in and may decide to just try once a week for a couple of months to see how you feel or go the other way and try eod, are either of those any better or not.

And I think you will be going for PRs whether they’re all time or just since starting trt or just best since turning 40 or 47, all of those can be PRs. If you maintained your strength into your 60s that’s something to celebrate.

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I’ve done once a week (starting protocol), twice a week, eod, and now ed. Once you find what you like and what works for you then you just stick to it. If that’s e4d for you then that’s great. Best option is the one that makes you feel your best.

I see what you guys are sayin about remembering the day. I just started a log and mark the date. I figure if I miss it by a day and go to day 5 I will still be ok.

The 50mg hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday! I felt that shit 2 hours post pin. It got me pretty amped and I had a hell of a time getting to sleep. I even have a script of Ativan and usually just take a super low dose .25 but that couldnt cut out the anxiety I was feelin. I slept 3 hours and was amped so took another .25 ativan and sleep another 3 hours. I feel less amped today but holy shit I am sensitive to this stuff.

Yesterday just happend to coincide with my squat day. Ive been strugglin with 230x5 for 2 sets for the last few months since I got a stomach bug. I was hardly even trying and did 230x7 and felt like I coulda do more if I wanted!!! This was roughly 11 hours after pinnin my delt. So this stuff works on me for sure.

My starting test hormones:

SHBG - 36
estradiol - <15 low
prolactin - 3.38
TT - 120
FT - 2.092

My TT has been between 120 to 155 overlast 3 years and decided to start yesterday

This is the textbook definition of masochism. What’s your monthly dominatrix bill at this point? Is it more or less than your mortgage?

You aint lyin! Suprisingly i felt pretty decent in those ranges. No bitch tits and decently strong and good cardio for my age. This first injection of man juice in my system def shocked the fuk outa me! Was only 50mg but muh fukr feel like my shit is off with the anxiety and sorta stomach gurglin. Maybe its increased stomach acid production?

Anyhow, i prolly should stick with it cause im sure test in the 120 to 150 range is super no bueno

The best option is the one that works best for you.

Let’s make sure we’re using the appropriate terminology here… low libido is lack of drive / desire to do it. ED is lack of ability despite wanting to.

TRT may or may not help either or both, and it may take a month or two to really be noticeable. I, like many, added Cialis to help with the hydraulics. Kinda feel like I might not need it anymore, but it’s good for you anyway and the generic is cheap enough. Why stop? (shrug)

I agree with Cialis. I plan on taking for ever. Am 43.

Plus you get used to getting those instant erections with little to no foreplay.