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Is "Test 700" a Real Thing?

Someone I know has test 700… I’m interested in buying it but I want to know that’s it’s possible for it to exist. The most I’ve seen where I’m from is test 400. Can anyone confirm there’s such thing at test 700?

400ml/ml is the most I have used. Its solvent was EO which doesn’t react well with me. I hate to think what you would need to dissolve 700mg/ml, so I couldn’t say if it is legit or safe.

The whole world say it’s impossible to do it. Even 400mg/ ml, all doctors, Chemical Engineers I Know, they say its impossible to make it. So… we cannot have sure about it but we can think… 99% people say its not possible, why should we think this is for real?
all pharma grade is 250mg/ ml at max… so… just think about it