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Is tap water safe to drink?

I have always been drinking tap water but I was wondering is it safe to drink?

I’m planning to get one of those Brita jugs. Just wondering if I have been drinking tons of toxic metals and impurities.

If tap water is safe to drink, is the hot tap any different? I was told that the hot water from taps have chalk in them to help the heating process so I never drank them and always boiled the cold water to get it hot.

Just wondering. Thanks.

I am certainly no expert on the topic, but I watched an interesting episode of magicians Penn & Teller’s TV series called BULLSHIT where they were exposing the bottled water industry as riddled with fraud. In the course of the episode they were pointing out that the gov’t makes major efforts to ensure the safety of muniicpal tap/drinking water, where as bottled water as an industry isn’t particularly regulated AT ALL. Now whether the plumbing in your particular building has an affect is another issue.

The episode I am referring to, and I do not claim it is authoratative, but it is food for thought, is summarized here on the magicians/debunkers’ website: http://www.sho.com/ptbs/topics.cfm?topic=bw

Probably depends on where you live to an extent. A filter is always good though.

That all depends on where you live.

It’s dependent on where you live for sure. Benefits of tap water include extra Calcium and Fluoride (purposely placed to some extent for drinkers benefits). Problems include impurities mainly from your piping. This is especially bad if you live in old regions that used lead pipes. Most bacteria are killed off by the Fluoride and Chlorine in the water (as a result taste isn’t always that spectacular). However, depending on which industrial processes are nearby, chemicals such as TCE (trichloroethylene…a damaging nerve toxin) and other chemicals may leech into water systems.

But, Bottled water must only meet minimum standards. In fact there have been companies that take water directly out of a clean river and bottle it (thus spending no money on purification) and still charge $2 per bottle. It met the standards so it’s safe, but I don’t like to be ripped off.

Personal preferance…Filtered water. Either Brita or other filters attached to the sink.

BTW, hot water dissolves more impurities esp. heavy metals. As a result, cold water is generally much cleaner. I’d say your doing a good thing by boiling cold water. This practice should be used even for cooking your food.

What the hell?!

I tried that link and got this:

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This is the first time I’ve EVER come across something like this.

i have a brita filter
the water tastes cleaner and smoother than tap water and when i boil it to make tea the tea is also a cleaner more pure colour so it obviously takes some crap out of the water but i will drink tap water if there’s no bottled/filtered stuf about

Dr. Mercola recommends water filtered with a reverse osmosis filter system. He specifically states that tap water and distilled water are not healthy choices. He is an authority on health and longevity issues. Here are a couple of links to his ideas about water:


(If anyone is willing to teach me how to put those sites in as LINKS, I’d love to learn! Please PM me!)

Dr. Michael Colgan, another longevity expert, also recommends a reverse osmosis filtration system in his book, The New Nutrition. He is more specific in that he says to be sure to use a filter with Kodak CTA membranes, like the Pure Water A-12.

I don’t have one yet, lol, but I keep telling myself I need to buy it! I’ve kept the information every since I read the book!

You might want to get a second job if your looking into a reverse osmosis filter heheh. They’re expensive. Millipore is a good company for them, but there’s 3 sets of filters you have to change every six months, and you have to maintain them monthly. The one we use in our lab uses NaOH (which isn’t on most people’s shelves at home).