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Is Tamoxifen 10mg Daily Too Much?


I just started TRT and the Dr gave me Androgel. He gave me Tamoxifen 10mg daily because I already have Gynecomastia and he didn't want it getting worse. My Estradiol was 46.6 with a reference range of 7.6- 42.6.
He's an Endo and this was the only positive thing he did for me... otherwise he was a total schmuck.

Anyway is the Tamoxifen (Arimidex?) too high? Thanks for any advice.


That's not Arimidex. Tamoxifen is not going to help with estrogen levels. You need to get those down. 10mg is pretty low.


Thanks a lot for the reply. My Doc is impossible to reason with and will not give me Arimidex... I've seen that guys can buy it online: Could you possibly let me know where I can get it from a reputable company?


A lot of enlightened TRT docs would say that's not high at all.


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would say that 46 is not high? I feel like shit with anything much over 20. E2 is tricky for me. Too low is almost as bad.


I didn't get your PM dhickey... could ya resend it? Thanks! :O)


Try alldaychemist. They sell good stuff.


I don't think PMs work anymore.


Tamoxifen is a recognized treatment for gynecomastia. It blocks estrogens in breast tissue.