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Is T3 for 2 or 3 Weeks Worth It?


Hi guys. Im almost 26yo. 205lbs. Didnt meause BF.

I am finishing my 2 weeks of clenbuterol in 2 days. And next week I will start taking oxy elite pro.
I was wondering if i could add some T3 also, just for 2 to 3 weeks. As i finish my cut in 3 weeks and then i will start to bulk.

Is it worth it? Are the dangers decreased from such a short time of use?


P.S Im not using steroids at the moment.


What’s your height? 205 on a guy who’s 6’5” is a lot different than on a guy who is 5’6”.

And to answer your question, I don’t think anyone can tell you for sure whether or not running T3 for two weeks is worth it or not. That’s going to be entirely up to you and your goals, training, diet, and dosage. Anecdotally—so take it with a grain of salt—T3 seems to work well and not cause any long term issues associated with normal thyroid function. Guys talk about using it for a month and then bouncing back to normal within a week of discontinuation. But if it takes you a week to get back to normal after a two week run, that seems kind of not worth it to me. When recovery time is equal to half the time you’re on I tend to question how much one can accomplish. What were your results from clen?


Im 6.3.
I have 2 days left on clen. I have done it for 2 weeks and i have lost 15lbs in 3 weeks (first week no clen and following 2 wks with clen).
In my opinion i havent lost any muscle. I havent measured my bf but i look as big as before just with more definition. Of course i look a bit flatter because of my low-carb diet.


Sounds like a pretty solid run. Can I ask why the T3? It would appear as if you’ve been really successful in dropping weight with the clen and I don’t know what your target is, but do you need to run the T3 at this point? What’s the end goal? If you’re going to start a bulk sometime soon then sure, having as little fat on you at the beginning is advantageous. But unless you’re competing I don’t know that the rewards are worth the risks. That’s a very personal decision you have to make.


Well i was thinking on T3 because as now i have to wait 2 weeks before i can run clen again and i think oxy elite isnt as effective as clen so i wanted to try it.
Thats my goal having the less body fat as possible before starting my bulking cycle in 3 weeks.
So i tought T3 could really help.


You’re willing to do a lot of things that act as a substitute for diet and exercise. If you’re competing then sure, running all that stuff is within your generally accepted risk profile. But if you’re just a dude who wants to look more lean then I don’t know that you’ll get a lot of support for T3. Messing with the thyroid is a bridge too far for a lot of guys. It can change your mood and your mind in ways that are not positive, and in exchange for that risk you get some weight loss. For someone who is competing it’s a different calculation. For a regular guy it doesn’t seem like a great trade off. Remember this: there are no free lunches with Mother Nature. Nothing that we do to get better is free of consequence. You’re 26 and it sounds like you’re in pretty good shape. You did clen already and you’re doing it again in a few weeks. Is there a good reason why you’d bridge with T3? Are those two weeks—which are utterly meaningless over the course of your life—going to yield you enough results to warrant the risk of screwing up the thing that basically keeps you functioning as a sane person?


Well for personal reasons i want to do everything possible to get the physique i want before this year ends. I made a promise to myself that before the end of the year i will be as i want and i will not use gear or anything after that. Of course everything possible witouth killing myself in the course lol. And i have read T3 permanent shutdown is a myth.
So today i started with 30mg T3.
Lets see how it goes… thanks!


What’s your dosing protocol?


I just started with 30mg for test today. But i plan to go up to 60mg this monday and stay there for the rest of the weeks.

P.S I notice it increase my SSRI effect. I wasnt feeling it anymore and today 6 hours after my T3 dose… boom! I feel it really good. Im trying to find out why it happens but i dont find anything.


Which SSRI? Fluoxetine or sertraline? Those two have been shown to reduce thyroid function in healthy (but depressed) individuals.


Lexapro. Is scitalopram. Im feeling wonderful right now… wow.